[Ends When Sold] Revelwood's Facility Sale

  • I present to you 3 different barns that Revelwood is offering for sale. Each lot is recently built and ready for your horses to move in!

    If you see a stable that catches your eye, I just have a few requests before turning over the deed.

    • Please do not mass upload. I know it goes without saying but I have worked very hard on every little detail of each building.
    • Please be respectful of my work and do not claim as your own. I fully intended to personally use these stables, but I see my facility going in a different direction.
    • You may redesign as you see fit. My world layout may be different than yours, so please feel free to renovate it to fit your needs. This includes doing any recoloring, redoing landscaping, etc..
    • If you purchase and are missing CC, please contact me and I will try my hardest to help you pinpoint each piece and send you files. If we can't figure it out, you are more than welcome to replace it. For this purpose tack rooms and wash stalls are not furnished.

    Now on to the good stuff!

    Revelwood's Homestead
    alt text
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    This lot is a combo package. The house includes: huge open concept kitchen, cozy TV/computer room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The stable is a shed row type of structure with 13 stalls. Also included is a tack/feed room and a wash stall with solarium.

    Revelwood's Stud Barn
    alt text
    alt text
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    This lot was going to be our stud barn, but you are more than welcome to use it as you wish. I think this is my favorite lot! The stable includes 14 stalls, a "collection" area, and a tack/feed room.

    Revelwood's Foaling Barn
    alt text
    alt text
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    The mare and foal barn is a vibrant gorgeous area. It includes 6 double stalls, a tack/feed room, a beautiful porch area, 2 private paddocks for foals to safely roam with their mothers, and a small apartment for foal watch! There is a horse safe window installed in the apartment into one stall so the employee can observe birth without disturbing the mare as she foals.

    I am asking $20k for each lot. However, I am open to offers! Please message me on Slack or here with your offer.

  • Lowered prices down to $20k per lot! I want to make these lots more affordable for everyone and get them sold. I have already started building my new facilities and would rather not have them just sit in the bin. I’m still open to offers.

  • Just a little bump

  • Mare/foal barn sold!

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