[WINNERS] IRCE discipline sale

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    Welcome to Iron Crest's discipline sale.
    Three sports horses throughout 2 disciplines offered for sale. These horses have previous show experiance and are active in their disciplines.

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    • Do not change the horse's coat & conformation, shine and shade markings may be adjusted
    • Do not change the horse's pedigree
    • Do not share the horse for public download
    • No reusing custom markings
    • You are allowed to change the horse's barn name
    • Keep the IRCE prefix
    • Do not use the horse's conformation for other horses, unless if it's direct offspring.
    • If you want to sell the horse, please contact us first

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    Highest bids
    • Wyken Hall's Arsene || 30K by Lexi House

    • IRCE Nurmerion || N/A SOLD via autobuy

    • IRCE Macintosh || 25K by Lidija Rotherford

    autobuy available via offers (via DM here or slack) as long as the horse has no bids!

    This auction turns into 24h ALB at 9th of september (11.59 PM CEST)

  • Macintosh SB :)

  • Wyken Hall's Arsene || SB

  • All bids accepted!

    This auction will turn into 24h ALB at midnight today!

  • Did this finish? :D

  • As I'm not expecting bids anymore, this auction has ended.

    IRCE Macintosh goes to @Lidija-Rotherford
    Wyken Hall's Arsene goes to @Lexi-House

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