What the Bug ?!

  • Hi everyone, OMG i'm disapointed... :'(
    I was doing my screenshots game when suddenly, this appears! help me, I do not understand. What to do?

  • That is weird indeed, did you add new CC recently? Any mods, markings, horses, anything? Maybe is some corrupted CAS object, like a bridle or saddle you could using on any of those 5 horses, but just an idea :slight_smile: Also try closing the game, going in and out of the buy/build mode, going into edit town mode, maybe some of that helps.

  • a pose I think that's what makes my game bug

  • Then you should try removing it from your Mods folder and starting the game to check what happens.

  • what I'm doing, I'll let you know..

  • HI again,

    so you know where i can find this hay object déco ?
    text alternatif

  • The blue screen happened to me. Unfortunately I had saved the game and never figured out a way to get rid of it. I ended up starting a new saved world :/

  • that's what I'm currently doing :/... but thank you foryour help ;)

  • I try to make realistically, what do you think?

  • Naaahhh caw does'nt wooorkk but whyyy !!! no no no no :'(

  • I was finished, I think change slightly, and when choosing the world to export, he told me "failure of the export"
    this game will eventually get the better of me, and make me hate the sims 3

  • PR Committee

    I had this problem years ago; go to your Sims 3 folder where you put your mods and stuff, and there's a folder called DCCache. Move it elsewhere but don't delete it, just move it to the desktop and export your world, and it should work this time. Then just move that folder back to where it originally was :)

  • okay I will try.. :(

  • it worked how did you do, a big THANK YOU <3 your save my life...

  • New field for domestic animals...
    0_1567771244187_champ 4.png
    Where can I find cows and sheep? for the déco...

  • you should be able to find some pretty good deco animals here! : sssvitlans.tumblr.com/tagged/s3decor animal

  • Thank you @Wilder-M-Bernardi

    small preview of the house still under construction...

  • I am looking for a stall plan for 4 boxes but I have no inspiration.
    I hesitate between a stable U-shaped or L-shaped with two stallde care, upholstery and a food corner. can be added a corner shower / solarium

    Maybe this i love this style of stable...

    I would just like to find a sliding window

  • Naahh it's not working grr..
    0_1568465314013_Sans titre.png

    that no too

  • I love the ceiling glass. Where can i download it? <3

    I really like the color of the first brick, and the design you are working on.

  • @Irene-Duarte : thank you , so you find in google just tap '' skyline roof "

    so i have another probleme... do you know why on one side I have a part all dark? and not the other side !?

    why does the ceiling turn black like this?

    i found the probleme :) so it's just put a light on the ceiling

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