[OWNERS] AvA Arabian Foal Crop

  • These three colts are last chance opportunities to get offspring from their sires!


    • These foals will be sold with their yearling or adult conformation (depending on what the buyer prefers) and adult coats which will not be shown in this thread. A blurb about their personalities as of 1 year old will be included in their sim bio as well! Check out how your colt has changed from the 1 month old to 1 year!
    • If major changes are desired to coat or conformation please contact me and I'll gladly update the horse for you. Minor changes to coat and conformation due to diet, maturation, and training are permitted.
    • Breeding homes are preferred since these are their sires' last sons, but not required.
    • Disciplines may be changed to the new owner's preferences.
    • Since I made these horses, they must keep my prefix. You may change their show and barn names, however.
    • I keep backups of all horses I've bred, so if you lose their file feel free to ask!
    • If you're missing any of their markings, you may substitute them with the closest match you have.
    • These horses may be used on EC and ES
    • Pet homes welcome

    alt text
    AvA Morocco

    Bagheera EXQ x SER Little China Doll
    Black minimal sabino (Ee/aa/Ff/nSb)
    Dressage Prospect
    Morocco, aka "Gumball" around the barn, is considered a flirt by his human caretakers. Though he's flashy and puts on quite a show in his paddock, trotting around like a park pleasure champion, he's incredibly standoffish and it's difficult to grab his attention or get him to do what you want. Like a butterfly, he is more likely to come investigate you if you stay very still and patient, but as soon as you move to touch him, he shies away.

    $8,000 obo

    alt text
    AvA Wartime

    Asmar Ibn Ghazal EXQ x BWR Wardee
    Grey (ee/Aa/Gg/Ff)
    Western Pleasure and Endurance Prospect
    Half-brother to Endurance State Champion PAR Areefa, Wartime could be your next champion too. He receives +3 in Western Pleasure, but for the patient trainer, he could also make a phenomenal Endurance horse. Although this colt means well and just wants to play, he tends to be a bit mouthy and has a great many vices to be corrected. Among these vices is his insatiable need to roll in puddles after a storm and dig in his water bucket. A turnout blanket is strongly recommended for this colt, we wouldn't want that eventual pretty white coat to get muddy before a show!

    $8,000 obo

    alt text
    AvA Arish ibn Asmar

    Asmar Ibn Ghazal EXQ x SBS Vienna
    Black (Ee/aa/Ff)
    Western Pleasure Prospect
    Arish is a rather special colt in this crop, being the only Straight Egyptian Arabian ever to come out of Aurous Valley! It is strongly suggested he remain unaltered and carry on his bloodline in his new home. He has a very knightly disposition and is incredibly sociable. Easy to handle on his own, he is very trainable and focused (for a young foal, anyway.) With the other foals, he is easily distracted and will often call to his half-sister Minya. From his stall he can be heard calling to all the other horses within earshot. Overall, he's a Good Boy. 9/10

    $12,000 obo

    AvA Morocco @Emilia-Gardner
    AvA Wartime @Eowyn-Vance
    AvA Arish ibn Asmar @Erica-Ackerson

    Thank you for your interest, everyone who applied! It was a tough decision between all the applications. Owners, don't forget to take a look at their in-game bios to find out more personal information on your yearlings!

  • Are we allowed to see their adult conformation?

  • @Olivia-Yendall said in [ENDS 3/25] AvA Arabian Foal Crop:

    Are we allowed to see their adult conformation?

    I would guess "no" since then we would be shown the adult coat and she says she doesn't want to show those to everybody? :grey_question:

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock oh okay, thats sucks :/

  • is there only one photo..or are they not loading

  • @Leda-Monroe there should be one for each colt.

  • Owners announced!

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