All recognized Thoroughbred cross-breeds?

  • I am aware of the Appendix Quarter Horse, the Irish Sporthorse and the Anglo-Arabian, but what are some others (if any) that are recognized by Equus?

  • There are several breeds that Thoroughbreds are allowed as an out-cross breed on the Master Breed List. You might want to contact a member of the Breed Committee for what the term, WBFSH, stands for and if it would able to a pure blood TB or not as well. For what breeds are allowed as listed on the Master List, you have:

    Draft: Show Cob
    Progenitor: Anglo-Arabian (CIAA) and (AHA), Malopolski and Tersk
    Saddle: Hackney, Show Cob, Karadin (only the Anglo), and Appaloosa
    Stock: Australian Stock, Colorado Ranger, Appaloosa, and American Paint Horse
    Pony: Pony of the Americas
    Warmblood: Australian Sport Horse and Warmblood, Berlin-Brandenburg, Belgian WB, Brazilian Sport Horse, Budyonny, American WB, British WB/Sport Horse, Danish WB, DWRH, Finnish WB, German WB (DSP) and (DSP/RPSI), Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Kinsky, Norwegian WB, Oldenburg, Rhinelander, Rottaler, Russian Riding Horse, Sella Italiano, Selle Francais, Spanish Sport Horse/WB, Swedish WB, Sport Tori, Trakehner, Ukrainian Riding Horse and Wielkopolski.

    Some breeding restriction do apply to some of those breeds, mostly that the TB being crossed with can not carry or give a color gene that is not allowed in the cross. Once again ask a Breed Committee member before making a cross that you are unsure of.
    Hope that was helpful to you. :slight_smile:

  • Extremely helpful, thank you so much!

  • The American Indian Horse is missing on the list :blush:

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