Kainheim Sales | Titled Swedish Warmblood Stallion - CLOSED

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    R U L E S
    • Don't reupload or share anywhere.
    • Keep the Prefix and don't add your own.
    • You are free to adjust Shine and Shade Markings or add your Private Shaders
    • Do NOT make major Coat or Confo Changes
    • If you ever consider getting rid of them ask me before I might want the horse back
    • if you have read the rules please add a horse-emoji at you first bid

    S A L E H O R S E S

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    alt text

    KH Rousseau is a very beautiful and expressive show jumping stallion and has lots of charisma! He is wellmoving in all gaits. Energetic and active. And jump over the jumps like they weren’t there. Even though he is a stallion he has a nice temper, super cool with everything he gets presented for. He is currently training at 9th level and has gained 139 points from competitions. He is 17 years old but you can’t feel it on him, he loves to jump a does that with passion.

    S T A R T I N G B I D
    Minimum bid increase $1000
    Auto buy - $50.000

    H I G H E S T B I D D E R
    Member name - Bid

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