[OPEN] Hunting Dawn Stables Imports

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    Hunting Dawn Stables Imports

    Are you looking for that perfect horse or companion to join your stables? Look no farther! Hunting Dawn Stables Imports finds the best horse or companion that is best suited for you. We are currently offering Horse and Dog imports. Read ahead for more information!

    ~ My prefix has to be used for each horse. (Dog's have a prefix if they have a 'show name.')
    ~ Hunting's is Stocks or Western Horses, Dawn's is Flat Racers, Endurance, TREC, etc.
    ~ Do not mass upload the horse or its marking
    ~ Do not change the show name or prefix - barn name can be changed
    ~ You're welcome to alter shine and detail markings to make it fit your game, do not alter the confo

    Each import will come with custom white markings (horse only), as well as photos for registration. There may be some markings that take longer than others because of complexity. I am willing to create any breed, but I am most comfortable with American Paints, American Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, and Arabians. For dogs, I can create almost any breed.
    If you want a marking based off a reference, please provide as many references pics as possible. The markings will not look exactly like the reference since I am not the greatest at making it exact.



    Type Markings Price
    Basic No Markings or Face/Leg Markings Only $8,000
    Paint Tobianos, Sabinos, Splash, Toveros, Overos $10,000
    Appaloosa Any Appaloosa Pattern $12,000
    Combination Appaloosa & Paint Pattern Combined $14,000

    Dogs: Base price of $8,000, no custom markings come with them.


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  • Hey, I guess I might be your first customer! (I'm new so I'm hunting for MANY services <3 )

  • @Leila-Cabiles You may go ahead and apply now :)

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    Here is @Yu-Mi-Shimizu's import, a male Belgian Sheepdog!

    alt text

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    New import for @Eric-Sobeck, a natural male Doberman!

    alt text

    I didn't have any doberman poses sadly

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