[CLOSED] Elaine's "Pumpkin" Patch - Import/Coat/Marking service

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  • Omg... I NEED to apply for an import from you <3 😱😍

  • The first two imports done!
    alt text

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  • Omg, he is, to die for!!

  • OMG I want one so bad what the heck they are so FLAWLESS!

  • She is gorgeous Elaine! Your horses are stunning! Thank you so much for this lovely lady, she will be so loved! :heart:

  • oh these are stunning! Now I gotta be on the lookout for when Imports are back up, haha!

  • ELAINE is the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

    ... okay, but those headers are too cute. <3 I'm glad this is closed! I saw this thread not an hour or two after it went up yesterday and had to exercise great restraint. I'm not normally one for imports but your horses are all class, Elaine. :ok_hand: I might have to reconsider my horse acquisition policy.. :thinking: In the interim, I'll be adoring everyone else's orders, thanks.

  • Oh my frickin god! I think i'm about to faint! Your imports are beautiful! I will defenitely need to get one of those cuties :cry: <3

  • I need it too :) i'm so tempted !!! it's crazyy ;)

  • Oh no I missed this :( Hope it opens up again. As you already know - I adore your horses <3

  • :eyes: I will watch you! I was at school when I saw it open up and when I cam ehome it was closed, so this time I need to watch even more cloesly! :o

  • Next two imports done!
    alt text

    Y'all guys are seriously so sweet and amazing I LOVE ALL OF Y'ALL!! :heart:

  • PR Committee

    I was almost mad at myself for giving into temptation and ordering a new horse - almost, until I saw her. I don't think I've ever really found the right words to describe just how beautiful all your horses turn out; the ones I've seen floating around on slack were the reason I caved and applied here, I haven't seen a single horse made by you that I didn't thoroughly admire. Thank you so, so much for my beautiful new lady :two_hearts:

  • more tempted than that I can not be. I love the bay that you have created. i want One but I will wait impatiently for the service to reopen. <3

  • This. is. just wow I can't explain how much I want to hit you in the head with a pan for being too amazing <3 I also will wait patiently for this service to reopen

  • New import done!
    alt text

    Callixta I'm so glad you like her!! You're too sweet!

    I'll open it back up soon!! :heart:

  • I'll have to pre prepare my request so I can get a spot when you open it back up because wow :heart_eyes:

  • @Sorren-Greyer Me too!

  • @Elaine-Rose OMG What a babe! She has the sweetest face! Thank you SO much!

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