[WANTED] Dressage BYO? Dressage horses in general/ Breeding pairs

  • Hi! This will but a bit of a stretch but, I posted a while ago saying I needed to restart, before I go on an insane horse-making spree, I want to have some nicer horses with pedigrees and points, the catch is... I really wanna make horses.

    So, some part of me was hoping to be able to do breeding pairs of other people's horses, without them having to worry about creating any horses. (With the breeding pair owner's prefix, or any naming rule they may have.) I think this is definitely a lot to ask, so I'm not anticipating a lot of people willing to do this, so, alternatively, if anyone has (registered with pedigree) dressage horses for sale I'd love to see some!

    I can offer EC, of course, as well as markings, poses, and imports. It'd prefer to talk more over PMs, since I'm not sure to explain it all here.Thank you for any help!!

  • If you are interested in acquiring an Andalusian horse, contact me by private message :)

  • You know that all of mine are always available to you ^^ Just lemme know if you fancy any from my breeding sheet or generally from my main site :)

  • I have mainly Andalusians and Lusitanos if you are interested. I usually request an import or similar as payment rather than money, so if you are short on cash and love making horses that might be an option. I have some dressage Finn horses too, but they've only just started and have no pedigree yet.

  • I also have many mares and stallion available :) just let me know

  • I could also offer some studs and broods, all my available horses are listed here :innocent:

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