[ENDS WHEN SOLD!] Silverlake's OG sales

  • Welcome! :maple_leaf:

    Hello and again, welcome to SLEC's sales! Here, you'll find many different options of horses - and hopefully find your dream horse.


    • You will not put this horse up for download.
    • Do not make duplicates of the horse's template or coat!
    • Must keep my prefix [SLEC]
    • You're allowed to change the horse's shine and detail markings, to fit your standard.
    • If the horse haven't been active for 2 months, i have the rights to take him/her back.
    • Please Contact me before breeding or selling! I might want to buy the horse back.

    Disclaimer; not all horses will have lots of points.

    SLEC Geronimo
    This dude...I never thought this day would come tbh. I can't express how much i love this cutie. To whoever buys him, I'd like to say to you - please love this horse with all your heart. He's been my hero for a long time now. He might be yours too! Since he's a rescue, he'll need some extra time to get comfortable with other horses and surroundings.
    - Ashley.

    SLEC Geronimo
    Mainsite: not yet
    Breed: Belgian Warmblood
    Age: 10 y/o

    Asking price: 11k

    0_1567837834907_Screenshot-586.jpg 0_1567837910053_Screenshot-557.jpg 0_1567838084277_Screenshot-549.jpg

    click the pictures for a bigger version.

    SLEC Platina
    Woah, me and this horse has been through a lot. There's been good and bad times - especially with her moody days. This horse is honestly something else. A real cutie. Oh and she's a real OG here at silverlake! She's been through a lot of changes. Love her, care for her and of course, ride her into sunsets for a lil extra satisfaction point!

    SLEC Platina
    Mainsite: yes
    Breed: Belgian warmblood
    Age: 11 y/o
    Asking price: 13k
    Height: 17.0 hh
    5 Points in dressage & 16 Points in eventing

    0_1568037393367_Screenshot-459.jpg 0_1568037421917_Screenshot-542.jpg 0_1568037466381_Screenshot-449.jpg

  • I would absolutely love to purchase Geronimo!

  • @Chloe-West Send me a dm <3

  • New horse up for sale!

  • Platina is still looking for a home! :sparkling_heart:

  • Damn! She is very tempting! <3

  • Very beautiful mare :heart_eyes:

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