Sport Pony Auction [Ends Sep. 14; 24h ALB]

  • rules:
    ° please do not change the show name and prefix of the horse
    ° coat color cannot be changed (only chestnuts markings or horseshoes on the legs can be added incase the horse doesn't have it yet)
    ° please do not upload for download or claim as your own
    ° in case you want to re-sell the horse, let me know I might o-want to buy it back

    -Each one of these comes with a personal headmarking (use on this pony or their offspring only) and a mainsite
    -You can choose the discipline as long as it is realistic within the standards of the Belgian Riding Pony.
    -Only the eyes are edited in the close up shot, the confo picture is straight out of my game

    Extra info
    can be found here as well
    The Belgian Riding Pony is a Belgian registry that was formed over 20 years ago using an interbreed of the New Forest Pony lines, Welsh and Connemara riding ponies from Holland and Germany as well as Thoroughbred mix. The Belgian breeders look for the best performing mares and stallions abroad to set up their own “stut” or breeding program.
    The “large” pony measures 1.47m and is what they consider the “sport” pony. The BRp is gifted with exemplary character and found in all branches of riding sport.

    Leading Bid: 11.000 by @Samantha-Jadirea

    Leading Bid: 7000 by @Fiora-Healy

    Leading Bid: 10.000 by @Fiora-Healy

    Starting bid: 2500 increase: 1000

  • PR Committee

    These are seriously gorgeous :heart_eyes: Just wondering though, since there's no Belgian Riding Pony on the main site, how would we go about registering them? <3

  • @Callixta-Rosella thank you! <3 and I was going to apply to register them as a new breed as they’re so lovely but not that famous yet :)

    Update: they were accepted and added as a new breed :)

  • SB SASs Tilly

  • Development Committee

    Aww Luna stop it please! ;_; Your horses and ponies are so pretty! :heart:
    Will definitely keep my eye on this! Very interesting breed since I could cross them with my Connemaras. :blush:

  • SB SASs Milk 'n Cookies

  • I don't need a pony I don't need a pony I don't need a pony. They're so gorgeous!:cry:

  • Everyone repeat after Sorren: I don't need a pony I don't need a pony I don't need a pony I don't n

  • AaaHH!! <3

    $3500 SASs Milk 'n Cookies!

  • Current bids accepted!
    The auction runs until the 14th of september, after that the auction ends 24 hours after the last bid

    @Sorren-Greyer @Alexa-la-Coupe that’s what I tried to tell myself once... now I’m opening up a pony branch at my stables XD

  • SASs Milk 'n Cookies - $4500

  • leading bids updated! I'll try to do this as much as possible

  • Administrators

    SASs Whisky - SB
    SASs Tilly - 3500

  • Development Committee

    SASs Milk 'n Cookies - 5k
    SASs Whisky - 3k
    SASs Tilly - 4k

  • @Fiora-Healy Sorry I sadly can't accept your offer yet as it doesn't match the minimun bid increase of 1000

  • Development Committee

    Aw yes I’m sorry :see_no_evil:

    SASs Milk 'n Cookies - 6k
    SASs Whisky - 4k
    SASs Tilly - 5k

  • Administrators

    SASs Whisky - 5k
    SASs Tilly - 6k

  • Development Committee

    SASs Whisky - 6k
    SASs Tilly - 7k

  • Administrators

    SASs Whisky - 7k

  • SASs Milk 'n Cookies 7k

  • leading bits updated! 3 more days, after that the auction will close 24 hours ALB

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