[ENDED] Norwegian Warmblood Promotion Sale #2

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    presents our
    Norwegian Warmblood Promotion Sale

    The Norwegian Warmblood is a versatile Sporthorse that is foremost trained for Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing Competitions. It's neither light nor heavy built and reaches Heights between 152,4 and 182,9cm. They usually are Bay, Chestnut or Black but can also establish Greys, Flaxen and Cream genes. Very rare in this Breed are White spotting and Tobiano markings.


    • Don't reupload or share anywhere, nor use the Horse as a Template
    • Keep the Prefix and don't add your own
    • You may change Shine/Shade Markings but nothing else (Neither Coat nor Conformationwise)
    • Stallions may be gelded/other Gender changes are not allowed
    • If you want to sell the horse ask me first if I want to have it back
    • If you read so far add skål in your first bid.
    • Please, don't let the Horse rot in your bin. Otherwise you can use it for whatever you like :)

    The Horses

    AR Miramor - 4 y/o Bay Tobiano (Ee Aa nTo) Mare Starting Bid: $10,000
    0_1567872283424_mira.jpg 0_1567872288757_mira2.jpg

    AR Bella Ciao - 4 y/o Bay (Ee AA) Stallion Starting Bid: $5,000
    0_1567872393903_bella.jpg 0_1567872400298_bella2.jpg

    AR Snøfnugg - 4y/o Grey (EE aa Gg) Mare Starting Bid: $5,000
    0_1567872569937_sno.jpg 0_1567872578092_sno2.jpg

    AR Trisstess - 4y/o Palomino (ee aa nCr) Mare Starting Bid: $5,000
    0_1567937149148_trisstess1.jpg 0_1567937156441_trisstess2.jpg

    AR Dondarrion - 4y/o Black (EE aa) Stallion Starting Bid: $5,000
    0_1567937188445_dondarrion1.jpg 0_1567937196991_dondarrion2.jpg

    All Pictures are unedited and taken with no filter!
    AR Miamor
    comes with a custom marking!
    Additional CAS Pictures of all five
    There is no Autobuy!
    Minimum Bid Increase is $1,000!

    Horse Highest Bidder Bid
    AR Miamor Anastasia Ryan $10,000
    AR Bella Ciao Evyn Kendall $5,000
    AR Snøfnugg Lexi House $13,000
    AR Trisstess Irene Duarte $5,000
    AR Dondarrion Gundrun Ward $5,000

  • AR Miramor - SB skål

  • AR Snøfnugg SB! skål

  • AR Snøfnugg - 6000! :D

  • AR Snøfnugg 7k

  • All accepted :)
    2 more Horses added :blush:

  • AR Snøfnugg - 10000k

  • @Lexi-House said in [ENDS 09/10] Norwegian Warmblood Promotion Sale #2:

    AR Snøfnugg - 10000k

    Please read again over the rules :slight_smile:

  • SB AR Dondarrion! skål

  • Accepted :)

  • @Kára-Evans sorry. Done

  • Accepted now :)

  • Only one day left! Auction closes 09/10 at 09:00 pm MESZ.

  • AR Snøfnugg 11k

  • AR Bella Ciao - SB!

  • AR Snøfnugg 13k

  • All bids accepted!
    Remember the auction ends today at 9pm MESZ! there will be no 24h ALB after the auction ended officially!

  • AR Trisstess = SB


  • @Irene-Duarte please read again over the rules :)

  • @Kára-Evans I think I got too excited ... I corrected my bid. ;)

  • Accepted now :D

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