[ENDED] Shetlandpony stallion titled in Eventing

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    ◊ you may change the barn name
    ◊ you may change the style of mane and tail
    ◊ no mass download
    ◊ do not remove the prefix/suffix
    ◊ do not add your own prefix/suffix
    ◊ do not change: the showname, the conformation, the coat or the color of mane and tail.
    ◊ do not use this conformation as a template
    ◊ I'm allowed to withdrawn a horse from a sale or auction without explanation

    Quézaco du Garmon
    Breed: Shetland Pony
    Gender: stallion
    Main discipline: Eventing (can be changed)
    Secondary discipline: none (can be changed)
    Sire: -
    Dam: -
    Generation: 1st
    Points: 38 (Eventing)
    Title: Local Champion (Eventing)

    Breeder: Offaly Pietri (please contact her if you have questions about coat updates, markings or similar)
    Non edited and unposed picture

    Starting bid: 10,000$
    Min. bid increase: 1,000$
    Max. bid increase: n/a

    alt text
    (picture by Offaly Pietri)

  • $10,000!

  • Just gonna say that this is an AMAZING photo :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • bid accepted

  • The auction is over. Congratulations to @Eowyn-Vance ! : ) I'll send you the file and mainsite profile over after receiving the payment. <3
    You want her file via slack or email?

  • @Bree-Asgard
    Awww yis, Nutkin just got a more normal sized playmate.. he's a bit lost among all the big warmbloods.
    Payment sent, and Slack would be fine!

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