Shadowhaven Arabians - Ghost Horse - Sarah's Fate 10/30

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  • SH Romeo Delight

    Autumn has finally arrived here at Shadowhaven Arabians. Skye grabbed her camera and headed out to the pasture to capture some photos of the Arabians to use in Shadowhaven's upcoming advertising campaign. As she walked into the pasture where her heart horse, and most successful Champion, SH Romeo Delight was she saw him standing among the early autumn trees with the soft early morning fog swirling around him and the beams of light making him look almost like something out of a fantasy. She was again struck by his beauty, he had always been her dream horse, the first son of her champion stallion SH Dreamweaver, she had fallen in love with him on the day he was born. She raised her camera and captured a few quick pictures before Romeo came trotting over to her, nickering softly.

  • Amazing lighting, your horse looks like an angel :heart_exclamation:

  • oh i'm so happy to see a blog from you!! i can't wait to admire your beautiful horses.
    That picture is stunning! Romeo looks amazing as always ❤

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thank you he is my all time favorite horse.
    @Maria-Jones Thank you! I am trying to get back into things here after being inactive for a while. Hopefully I can keep this thing updated :smiley_cat:

  • Romeo's gorgeous <3

  • Romeo <3 He's by far one of my favorite Arabians in the community <3

  • Always loved this horse!! :heart_eyes: He still looks amazing.

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you I <3 him
    @Therese-Lind <3 he is my finest sim horse.
    @X-tina-Hoxha Thank you <3

  • Another edit. This is Astrophel SH one of my new generation of horses just starting his career in Endurance.

    alt text

  • Competition Committee

    I love that you finally made a new blog :heart:
    Romeo is one of the most famous arabians on equus and that is pretty special. That picture looks like a fairytale and makes him even more special :heart:
    Astrophel looks like a baby with attitude, turning his butt to the camera :joy:

  • PR Committee

    The forum never told me you started a new blog :broken_heart: I think I saw your Romeo picture on facebook? Or maybe I'm just imagining that but ROMEO!! :heart_eyes_cat: He is honestly hands down my favourite Arabian on Equus; I remember donkeys years ago when I first joined, you were a member I admired so much and your Arabians were so stunning and unique, and so beautifully presented with your lovely editing. I had no confidence whatsoever to tell you how much I loved them all, but especially Romeo :kissing: :heart_eyes_cat: And now I have my own beloved Romeo baby (who is already titled in dressage, why did she grow up?!) I also get to call you my friend :two_hearts:
    Astrophel looks stunning, I can see why he turned to ignore the camera and instead admire all that beautiful landscape in the distance <3

  • @Anna-Hertler I am a terrible slacker lately when it comes to my pixels. I am glad to have a new blog also though and hopefully I can keep adding to it.

    @Callixta-Rosella I might have posted the Romeo Pic on facebook I don't remember lol. I have been meaning to start a new blog forever but I am a slacker. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your Romeo baby and glad shes doing well for you. I am also happy to call you my friend <3

  • I bred a new horse This is Dream Warrior SH

    alt text

  • So pretty! I love a nice grey arab :heart_exclamation:

  • 😍😍😍 what a pretty boy!

  • What a handsome boy, Skye :heart_eyes:
    We really need to see more blog updates from you - your horses are such stunners and your editing is just adorable :two_hearts:

  • I should just hire you to draw all the manes and tails of my Arabs <3 Look at that stunner and that soft mane and tail, you should show him off more! <3

  • Thank you everyone for the lovely comments <3 sorry I am so bad at replying to them.

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