Shadowhaven Arabians - Ghost Horse - Sarah's Fate 10/30

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you I <3 him
    @Therese-Lind <3 he is my finest sim horse.
    @X-tina-Hoxha Thank you <3

  • Another edit. This is Astrophel SH one of my new generation of horses just starting his career in Endurance.

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    I love that you finally made a new blog :heart:
    Romeo is one of the most famous arabians on equus and that is pretty special. That picture looks like a fairytale and makes him even more special :heart:
    Astrophel looks like a baby with attitude, turning his butt to the camera :joy:

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    The forum never told me you started a new blog :broken_heart: I think I saw your Romeo picture on facebook? Or maybe I'm just imagining that but ROMEO!! :heart_eyes_cat: He is honestly hands down my favourite Arabian on Equus; I remember donkeys years ago when I first joined, you were a member I admired so much and your Arabians were so stunning and unique, and so beautifully presented with your lovely editing. I had no confidence whatsoever to tell you how much I loved them all, but especially Romeo :kissing: :heart_eyes_cat: And now I have my own beloved Romeo baby (who is already titled in dressage, why did she grow up?!) I also get to call you my friend :two_hearts:
    Astrophel looks stunning, I can see why he turned to ignore the camera and instead admire all that beautiful landscape in the distance <3

  • @Anna-Hertler I am a terrible slacker lately when it comes to my pixels. I am glad to have a new blog also though and hopefully I can keep adding to it.

    @Callixta-Rosella I might have posted the Romeo Pic on facebook I don't remember lol. I have been meaning to start a new blog forever but I am a slacker. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your Romeo baby and glad shes doing well for you. I am also happy to call you my friend <3

  • I bred a new horse This is Dream Warrior SH

    alt text

  • So pretty! I love a nice grey arab :heart_exclamation:

  • 😍😍😍 what a pretty boy!

  • What a handsome boy, Skye :heart_eyes:
    We really need to see more blog updates from you - your horses are such stunners and your editing is just adorable :two_hearts:

  • I should just hire you to draw all the manes and tails of my Arabs <3 Look at that stunner and that soft mane and tail, you should show him off more! <3

  • Thank you everyone for the lovely comments <3 sorry I am so bad at replying to them.

  • Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and I love doing halloween challenges so here is my entry for this year combined with my entry from last year. It finishes the story of Sarah and Ghost which has been dying to escape my brain for some time now. Here is Ghost Horse

    Featuring SH Dreamweaver.

    The Ghost Horse

    alt text

    There is a story told in these parts of a mysterious, pale horse that roams the forests on Halloween night each year. The horse they say, once belonged to a girl named Sarah who lived in the area in decades past. They say Sarah was a quiet girl who had no real friends except for her horse.

    The horse, who she simply called Ghost, was a beautiful white Arabian stallion her father had received as a trade for some services he provided to a local landowner. He saw no real value in the skinny white horse, it was too small to pull the plow and work the field but not wanting to be seen as a pushover who worked for free he accepted the horse as payment. He brought the horse home and when he saw his little girl Sarah fall instantly in love with it he told her he had brought it home for her. From that day forward Sarah and the horse had been inseparable. Her father had been worried about giving a stallion to a 10 year old girl but his fears were unfounded. Ghost was very patient with the little girl, gentle as a kitten and very protective. He once saw the stallion take off after a coyote that got too close to the girl while she was playing near the edge of the woods. He watched in wonder as Ghost charged the coyote, snorting, his teeth bared in a snarl. He knew his girl was in good hands with Ghost and never worried about the girl when she was with her horse.

    The following year on Halloween Sarah begged her father to allow her to go trick or treating on her own, she would ride Ghost and she promised to be careful. He was not thrilled at the prospect of his 11 year old going out on her own but the truth was he was very ill and would not be able to take her himself. It was just the two of them now, his wife had not survived Sarah's birth. He felt better knowing she would be with Ghost, the horse had always been very protective of her. He allowed her to go but told her to be home before dark.

    Sarah dressed herself as a fairy with a pale blue dress and gossamer wings that she made for herself from the veil of her mothers old wedding dress. She dressed ghost up by painting magical runes on his neck to make him seem more like a magical fairy horse. She kissed her father on the cheek and set off on Ghost to go trick or treating. That was the last time her father ever saw her.

    Several days after Sarah and Ghost went missing they found Ghost. His lifeless body was found in the woods, a single bullet had pierced his heart. Sarah's wings were next to the horse's body but the girl was never found.

    They say Ghost wanders the woods each Halloween night searching for his little girl.

    Colleen awoke to the sound of loud giggling. Her two  great granddaughters were bouncing around on her bed giggling and laughing and saying “wake up Grandma wake up!”. They were excited because Colleen had promised to take them to the haunted Farm Festival in a neighboring town. It was a big deal in the area and Colleen had never been. Her granddaughter had been planning to take the girls but had taken sick with the flu and Colleen volunteered to take them in her place. At 81 years old Colleen was still active and in great health. She loved spending time with the twins who were now 8 years old and was happy to step in and take them to the festival.

    They spent the morning baking Halloween cookies until it was time to go. The girls asked Colleen what she did for Halloween when she was a girl. It was a difficult question for Colleen as she did not have any memory of her time as a child. She only remembered the orphanage where she had spent her teenage years. The nuns there told her she had been brought to nearby St. Marys hospital after being found unconscious on a nearby beach with a serious head injury. They told her that she had spent more than a year in a coma before being brought to the orphanage. She had no memory of her life before the orphanage. She did not explain this to the girls because they were too young to understand so instead she just smiled at them and helped them shape the cookie dough into ghosts and pumpkins.

    As the sun set Colleen and the girls arrived at the old farmhouse. It was at the end of a long dirt road that had been decorated for spooky effect with old spider web covered trees, pumpkins and at the entrance to the farm was the most frightening scarecrow Colleen had ever seen. The girls loved every minute of it. A strange feeling of deja vu washed over Colleen as she walked the girls to the line for the haunted house. It was at once a feeling of great sorrow and yet it was tinged with a happy kind of nostalgia. She was certain she had never been to this place before yet it felt familiar like someplace from a dream. She took the girls to the line where they would wait for their chance to enter the house and then wandered over to a plaque that hung on the wall near the door. It read:

    In memory of Sarah and John, gone too soon. She ran her hand over the small plaque wondering about Sarah and John, who were they and what had happened to them.

    “Such a sad story” a womans voice startled her from her thoughts. Colleen turned to see a tall elderly woman with kind eyes and an easy smile standing to her left. “What happened?” Colleen asked.

    The woman told her the story of Sarah and John Malone who had lived on the farm. Sarah was his daughter she said, and one night 70 years ago she had disappeared on Halloween night. Her horse found dead in the nearby woods, she motioned toward the woods on the edge of the farm as she spoke. The girl was never found she said. She told Colleen that John had died of a broken heart the following year. The family had no other relatives and the farm had fallen into the hands of the county and eventually was turned into a town festival ground where various local events were held. Colleen felt a great sadness at what had happened here.

    She looked over to the line for the haunted house and the girls were still happily waiting in line. She wandered toward the woods. Strangely drawn to them after the story the woman had told her. As she approached the woods a feeling of apprehension washed over her but she continued, stepping carefully into the trees at the edge of the woods.

    As Colleen stepped through the treeline everything changed. A ghostly scene unfolded before her eyes. She saw two boys maybe 12 or 13 years old. They were dressed in old fashioned clothing and one of them held an old style rifle. They were giggling and shoving each other as boys do. She heard a sound from the woods in front of the boys and she watched as the older looking of the two boys raised the rifle and pointed it in the direction of the noise. The other boy shoved him again just as a beautiful white horse emerged from the trees, ridden by a blue fairy. The sound of the rifle discharging seemed to encompass the whole world while Colleen watched in horror as the girl was thrown from the horses back as he fell to the ground. Seemingly in slow motion she watched as the girls blue wings caught on a tree branch and were ripped from her costume. She saw the girls head slam into the tree base and all was silent. The horse lay silent on the forest floor, his last breath having escaped his now lifeless body. She watched as the boys scrambled and argued and then finally the bigger boy picked up the little girl and began carrying her through the woods. Colleen followed the ghostly figures as they walked through the woods carrying the lifeless body of the little girl. She followed for what seemed like forever until they reached the edge of the forest and the river that bordered it on the other side. She looked in horror as these ghostly boys prepared to toss the body of the girl into the raging river. No! She cried out and the boys faded from her vision. Gone as quickly as they had appeared.

    Colleen looked around not sure what had just happened. She heard a rustling in the trees to her left and she turned just in time to see a beautiful ghostly white horse walking toward her. It shimmered in the moonlight that filtered through the trees. The horse approached her and nuzzled her hand and she reached her hands up and touched his beautiful, ghostly face. “Ghost” she whispered as tears rolled down her cheeks. She laid her forehead against the horse and the memories flooded back. The horse nickered softly and was gone. Finally at peace, Ghost had found his little girl.

    alt text

  • seriously Skye.. you're gonna make me cry! I loved your story last year and i was so excited to read part 2. I just did and i have goosebumps rn. It is such a beautiful story and i'm so so happy it had a happy end :heart: The pictures are flawless as always and i'm so glad you entered and finally revealed the whole story.

  • I can sometimes be a bit of a stone hearted girl but... I'm speechless, Skye. Your story somehow really touches me - it honestly has made my eyes glassy when reading the final words. I really do love it, as well as the photo of Ghost and his girl Sarah. It has reminded me of my beautiful Magnata, who sadly passed away just a year ago, after 5 years of friendship. Congratulations on your flawless work :heart:

  • Oh wow...Skye what a story! I have goosebumps all over my arms <3 Such a sad story and yet so beautiful, it resembles some stories I read as a child by a favorite writer of mine in my all-time favorite horse comic book <3

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    I loved your Ghost story and Sarah, and of course the beautiful pictures you made as well :two_hearts:

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