[SOLD!] ISH Mare

  • Hey! It's sales month!


    • Please DON'T share her file

    • Don't change her base markings

    Message Me you offer! :D

    The Mare: Her Conformations:
    0_1567971900723_Screenshot.jpg Confo1 Confo 2
    Piaffe Elega
    Breed: Irish Sport Horse
    Age: 4
    Disciplines(s): Dressage
    Color: (EE AN) Chocolate Silver Dapple Minimal Tobiano
    Elega's Story: She was born when I was only 14, I saw the entire thing happen. I spent most of my days watching and admiring her, Elega comes when called. She's a very Independent mare. She gets along great with my boyfriend's stallion, Brae. If you're the lucky person who picks up this mare, You'll have fun! It hurts me to sell her but we can't keep her forever.
    Offers around: $3,500
    Highest Bidder: Offer:
    Lilly Li $4,000

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