• Hello, I'm new to the Equus forums. I have a question, is there a game or something I have to download for this? I always see that people post pictures of horses, I don't know where I have to go to make my own horse... Do I just draw my own horse?

  • Hello Breeze! We all play The Sims 3 with Pets expansion pack for the horses, although there are many other expansion packs you can use along with Pets to play :D

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    As Celia said, this is a Sims 3 roleplay forum! If you don't already have Sims 3 + the Pets expansion, you can pick it up on Steam for around $20, though I have seen it go on sale for as little as $5. We create our horses in the game and use them to tell stories. We also create tons and tons of Custom Content to allow us to take pictures of all kinds of situations and stories within the game.
    Outside of the game, we also have our forum's Show System, where your registered Sims horses can compete against other member's horses. You can also breed your horses with other members' horses, sell them or buy more, and compete in challenges.

    Welcome to Equus! :horse:

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