CAS Crashing

  • So I am trying keyword is trying to add horses into a new world with a premade lot, but it has just crashed for the 3rd time and I'm kinda lost. I haven't added any new mods into my game other than a library file that I converted from a Sims 3 Pack.

    I just cleared my cache and removed the library file so I'm hoping a 4th try will work(but I doubt it) really not in the mood to completely rebuild Sims 3....
    Update: Sims 3 just crashes when I loaded a world with sims and horses and still crashed. I'm at a loss on what to do :(

  • PR Committee

    I turned a sims3pack into a library file and it was glitched and was causing me a whole heap of problems. I'm fairly certain I ended up running the Deply's dashboard thing through my library folder to find out it was that lot; and it would also explain why that's the only new thing in your game. Try removing it, clearing caches and test your game to see if it works better

  • Got my game to run smoothly, had to delete a file for a dog.

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