[ENDS 9/15 - 24ALB] Unique Breed and Color Auction

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    You want mutants? This is how you get mutants.
    I really don't have an excuse for this sale. I just wanted to make some absolutely obnoxious horses. So here you go babes. All 6 of these monsters have custom markings and mainsites. These horses are also registered in a small discipline, however you are welcome to add and change disciplines as you like.
    This sale will end on September 15th at 11:59 PM EST. However, any horses that receive bids on the 15th will turn into 24 hour ALB auctions. Horses that do not receive bids on the 15th will end at midnight
    Starting bid for all is $5,000. Min bid is $1,000, no max bid, no autobuy.


    -Be cool.
    -You must keep my WPW prefix. Do not change their names.
    -Do not re-use their custom markings on other horses. Their markings are clearly marked with custom thumbnails.
    -I am not worried about activity- It's wonderful to see my horses being used, but once you pay for it the horse is yours to use as you wish.
    -If you wish to change something about the coat/markings/conformation, tweak it. No drastic changes please, but I'm not fussed over minor changes for your preferences.
    -Horses can be gelded/bred/sold at your discretion. Giving me a heads-up if they're on the market is always appreciated (I like to update my older horses when I can) but no hard feelings if you sell on without telling me.

    alt text

    alt text
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    "ace" • pintabian • stallion • strawberry roan sabino (black chimera) • ee/Aa/RnW/Ff (Ee/aa/ff) • western pleasure • mainsite

    i keep the ace up my sleeve
    It's perhaps unwise to lead this show with our show-stopper, but we just can't help it. A rhapsody in red drenched in the deepest black and topped off with finishing notes of white, this stallion is the sort of horse who collects stares and steal hearts wherever he goes. At 99% Arabian blood with a drop of Saddlebred for color and a heavy dose of striking chimerism, he's bred to win and fated to impress.

    alt text alt text alt text alt text

    alt text
    alt text

    "mitzi" • marwari • mare • brindled black tobiano • Ee/aa/ToW/ff • western dressage • mainsite

    spitfire in black
    This mare was shipped to us for a steal because her breeder insisted she had unfortunate coloring and a more unfortunate temperament. We politely disagree. While neither her bold white striping nor her fiery temperament is for the faint of heart, she is an absolute sight to behold with the personality and talent to live up to her striking looks. Be warned: once you've figured her out, it's almost certainly too late to escape her spell.

    alt text alt text alt text alt text

    alt text
    alt text

    "bones" • spanish sports horse • stallion • bloodmarked grey • Ee/aa/PrlprlGg/Ff • vaulting •mainsite

    gather jewels from graveyards
    It takes an extraordinary type of horse to allow a rider to do gymnastics on his back without faltering. Friends, this horse embodies that incredible expectation and does it with style. Solid, calm, strong and competent, this horse is an absolute gem. The kind of horse that generals would have ridden into battles. The kind of horse we spend our lives searching for. Not to mention he's a special kind of gorgeous, wearing bold inksplotches on his smokey grey coat. As a bonus, he carries a copy of Pearl as a gift from his Iberian heritage.

    alt text alt text alt text alt text

    alt text
    alt text

    "carri" • felin pony • mare • grulla appaloosa • Ee/aa/nD/nLp/nPATN1/nP/ff • gymkhana • mainsite

    mortal one, you've been chosen
    This darling little mare might first catch your fancy as a particularly flashy mount for a child rider. However, we would have to discourage you from buying her for any but the most tenacious of riders. What is it they say about Appaloosas? Stubborness? Murderous intent? Well, whatever creature it was that gave Carri her spots also seems to have given her it's... charisma. Combine that with the solid build and intelligence her Fjord parent gave her, you have a metaphorical recipe for disaster. We're not trying to say she's a monster, but we're also not not saying that, you know?

    alt text alt text alt text alt text

    alt text
    alt text

    "fritz" • georgian grande • stallion • bay tobiano with lacing • Ee/Aa/TT/FF • english pleasure • mainsite

    long may your innocence reign
    Where to even begin with this stunning gentle giant. A teddy bear's soul captured in one of the most beautiful horses to ever set foot on our island, he's perfection in a 17 hand package. His Saddlebred and draft background lends him a gorgeous lofty stride with the big size to make any rider look good. He's perfect for anyone who's looking for their next partner.

    alt text alt text alt text alt text

    alt text
    alt text

    "bokeh" • argentine criollo • mare • dunalino manchado • ee/Aa/nCr/DD/nW/Ff/n? • working equitation • mainsite

    i'm the headlights speeding through the stars
    As we reach the end of the lineup today, we do have to admit we saved the best for last. She's sunlight personified, she's the rainbows reflecting off of crystals, she's the halo of light that covers the world at sunset. She's an absolute princess, and does she know it. She loves being the centre of attention, and her one-of-a-kind coloring has no problem making her stand out. If you're looking for your next shooting star, look no further.

    alt text alt text alt text alt text

    Click the photos in the tables to enlarge. All in-game photos were taken with Reshade on. DOF effect is in-game, and photos have not been edited.

    Horse: Highest Bidder: Amount: End Date/Time:
    ART Strawberry Boulevard Anna Hertler $50,000 SOLD
    WPW Kamhali Nicole Loeffler $53,000 23:36 EST Friday, September 20th
    WPW Treasonous Maggie York $16,000 00:38 EST Saturday, September 21st
    WPW Cerridwen Anna Hertler $21,000 SOLD
    WPW Firebringer Rena Court $68,000 SOLD
    WPW Catching Bokeh Samantha Jadirea $31,000 SOLD

    This sale will end on September 15th at 11:59 PM EST. However, any horses that receive bids on the 15th will turn into 24 hour ALB auctions. Horses that do not receive bids on the 15th will end at midnight.

  • SB for WPW Kamhali & WPW Catching Bokeh <3


  • SB for WPW Firebringer


  • ART Strawberry Boulevard - SB

  • GASP

    WPW TREASONOUS - $6,000

    I really shouldn't

  • WPW Treasonous $7,000 <3

  • WPW Firebringer - 7k

  • Competition Committee

    WPW Firebringer - 8k

  • WPW Catching Bokeh 6k

  • WPW Firebringer - 9k

  • Administrators

    ART Strawberry Boulevard-6000

  • WPW KAMHALI - 9000

    *edit :face_palm:




  • Banned

    WPW KAMHALI - 10000 :D

  • WPW Kamhali -11k

  • ART Strawberry Boulevard - $7000


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