Changing names [SOLVED]

  • Hey! I just wanted to pop in and ask if changing a horse’s name and/or my stable name would mess anything up for me, such as points? Thanks! <3 (I make terrible name decisions)

  • No it doesn't you just have to make a name chance for the horse and for your stable you can Chance your username here and your horse name here just fill out the forms and wait for it do be done. :D

    It usually takes 1 week. :)

  • @Alyana-Vennerberg Oh perfect, thank you! For my stable name, If I want to keep my username but just change the name of my stables do I need to fill that form out? Or do I just... change it hahah

  • You can just chance the name on the mainsite, and if you want a new prefix you'll have to make a prefix chance here. :)

  • @Alyana-Vennerberg Perfect! Thank you so much! <3

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