Different Monitors & Photo Quality

  • Somewhat technical computer-y stuff ahead about photos, colour contrasts. and different screens. I'm trying to start a discussion on this since I think it may be something that could be affecting multiple people :smile:

    I recently got a new computer with a much higher DPI (Dot per inch) than my last computer. I was having problems where I thought all my photos were turning out appearing very washed out and faded on other devices. I had someone mention it as well, when it's not my intention when I take photos!

    For example, I have an older IPhone 6, and when I view photos on that device, the colours tend to look... eh... not so good. Initially I thought it was my new computer! Though, I've learned quite quickly that it's actually my phones lower DPI due to it being an older device. This is somewhat of a relief since I had become very frustrated with how my photos were turning out when viewing on another device when infact- it's the other device's problem.

    Generally, I save all my images as PNGs, since it's a great file type and supports high quality images. Though, I believe this causes the washed-out look I see on older devices. I've been advised to start saving images as JPEGs, and even though I don't want to save images as lower qualities... I think the colours of my images are quite important, especially so people on devices with lower DPIs will be able to view the photos as intended.

    This could definitely be common knowledge and I'm just a poor country boy who doesn't know how to make the flashy image box work, but, I wanted to say it so on my part-- people know my images appear differently on my screen. This probably applies to many other devices.

    alt text alt text

    Edit: At least on my phone, saving an image as JPEG does not work. However, I'd love to know if it shows up different to other people.

  • They look the same to me, both on my desktop computer and my phone, an iPhone 8!

    (send Burt my regards because I very embarrassingly forgot about him)

    (don't tell him I forgot about him though)

  • Tried the same as Alexa and looks the same on any device :slight_smile: I even tried an option iPhone 8 has that makes the screen apear on a colder tone or warmer, so using that indeed changes the picture but otherwise looks the same! I did have some issues some years ago when I used to play and edit pictures on my old laptop and now that I see old edits from those days on my current PC they look completely different.

    This is what the edit looks like, it's very odd looking, the neck is all cut off, the hair looks bad, the background color, everything is just wrong.

    alt text

    And this is what I would see on my old laptop. It's completely different, now the neck blends onto the background, which is what I thought I was looking at when I used to edit on my laptop. I don't know why it looks different there tbh and I think I will never know xD

    alt text

  • To me both look the same on my phone. But my phone is new, so I will edit this post when I see it from my PC as I have an extremely old monitor.

    EDIT: Checked from my old PC monitor (it's a CRT lol) and they are still the same :)

  • They look the same to me as well. Have you checked your monitor's saturation settings? That affects how bright the colours appear. It could be that your new monitor has such a high resolution that the images looked washed out in comparison on other devices with different settings. For example, my tablet monitor gives all my pictures a great deal more reddish hue than my laptop that gives them a blue hue, and that's just how they are.

  • I'm currently on a very old PC (from 2009, Windows 7) and both photos look the exact same to me.

  • Both the pictures are the exact same to me? Am I supposed to be seeing something? :sweat_smile:
    I thought DPI on a computer was to do with the resolution of the image (literally more pixels per inch), not the colours themselves, that was all monitor settings?

    Colours on my mobile are very, very saturated to the point where i won't buy/bid on a horse until I see it on my laptop because the colours are that different. I'm always slightly afraid that thats how everyone else sees things and my computer is just really unsaturated :laughing:


    I deleted the text originally saying “putting these here to test if there’s any differences” but I; a slight dumbass, forgot to put it back in.

    Though, no, it’s not my own monitor settings, my monitor settings are at default, and when viewing the photos on an Iphone X, they look just like they do on my new computer :smile:

    @Eowyn-Vance I swear it affects colour, :thinking: (yet again, dumb country boy here, bare with me on my shenanigans) I talked to my dad about it who works in engineering and computer technology and he explained the whole DPI affecting the colour of the image to me, since newer devices do show the images in proper colour

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