Missing butt marking XD

  • Hello I just recently got my game back and am missing a butt shader on my horse, does anyone know of it? I heard is probs old as I have all Farais shaders.

    alt text
    alt text

  • A butt shader? I think you might be missing the Agouti markings (the nose and the ear are lighter in your game than in the original) and you're definitely missing a shine marking for the horse :shrug_tone2:

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    @Lidija-Rotherford Not missing a shine marking at all, she's using Luke's HD mod that takes shine off of the horses.

  • Do you have @Cole-Tieman Instant Bay Marking?

  • @Mercedes-Hampton Thanks! People keep saying I'm missing the shine and I have to say its a different coat mod XD
    As for the butt I'm not going to worry about it anymore as she looks ok in game without it.

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