3 New Horses for Sale

  • Hello my dears, here I have a small selection of horses for you to have fun with. :)


    • Do not reupload the horse or claim as your own

    • Don't alter the coat or conformation too much please, if at all

    • You can alter the shine and detail markings to your liking

    • I would find it good if between pictures by them would be posted

    • if you do not want the horses anymore contact me first maybe i would like to return them.

    Auction Horses

    Najima's Tagarian
    Bild screenshot-67aks9.jpg auf abload.de
    Other Photos
    x x x x

    Belgian Warmblood Mare
    12 Years
    Starting Bid
    4000 $
    Minimum Bid Increase: 1000 $

    GF GGR Dwalin ibn Legolas
    Bild screenshot-2oljg3.jpg auf abload.de
    Other Photos
    x x x x

    Arabian Stallion
    4 Years
    Starting Bid
    4500 $
    Minimum Bid Increase: 1000 $

    GGR Haania bint Psyrasic ox
    Bild screenshot-11rwjck.jpg auf abload.de
    Other Photos
    x x x x

    Arabian Mare
    6 Years
    Dressage, Show Jumping
    Starting Bid
    5000 $
    Minimum Bid Increase: 1000 $

    I hope you find the right and have fun while bidding.

    Highest Bid

    Najima's Tagarian:
    GF / GGR Dwalin ibn Legolas:
    GGR Haania bint Psyrasic ox:

    Auction End: 01.10.2019

  • Hi! When does this auction end?

  • @Irene-Duarte said in 3 New Horses for Sale:

    Hi! When does this auction end?

    oh 01.10.2019 :)

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