Newport Equestrian Estates ~ Stables's life || 01/14

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    • Hi everyone ! Welcome to Newport Equestrian Estates ! I am Eloïse Newport the manager with my boyfriend of these stables. We practice several disciplines : Jumping, dressage, eventing, halter show, mounted games and many others in competition ! We do equine sales and also a little breeding. Our website : Here
    • We are a wide selection of horses and ponies availables for the riders who want learn to ride and to improve (all horses are on our website)
    • In this scrapbook you will be informed of news from the stables, the competitions and new acquisitions or newcomers

    • Your opinions and mostly comments are welcome ! :D

  • 09/12 ~ 3 days ago, one of ours riders Pauline Deverne (8 years old) is ranked 1st with Olga (her real name : Crowland Within Temptation) in the Falsterbo Pony Dressage Cup VIII in the "Introductory" category ! A very good start for this little couple bravo ! :D

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    During the competition…

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  • Ohhh Little Olga congratulations for the first show <3

  • @Ian-Salvatore Thank you very much Ian ! <3

  • Congrats :D

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you Lidija ! ^^

  • 09/12 ~ European Mounted Games Championships 2019

    Currently, two of my riders, Alicia and Angélique, participate at the Mounted games Championships in Northern Ireland with their ponies Quenza and Willow and their coach Eva ! We wish them gook luck ! :flag_ie: :shamrock:

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    The girls have arrived in Northern Ireland ! :flag_ie:

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    Let's go ! Above Alicia and Quenza rush to the game named "Three mugs" !

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    Above Angel' jumping on Willow during the "run and ride" game !

    More tomorrow ! See you soon ^^ More photos : Here


  • Oohhh yeeesss Come on's giiiirlllsss !!! !!! !!! GO GO GO

  • @Ian-Salvatore Oh yesss ! xD And they gallop fast ! :horse_racing:

  • Your ponies are so cute! I love the mounted games photos :)

  • They're so cute :heart_eyes_cat: I love Quenza with that long mane!

  • @Borja-Domecq Thank you very much Borja :heart_eyes: But what mane are you talking about ? Black mane ? Because it's Willow xD

  • A little fail hahaha

  • @Borja-Domecq No problem it happens don't worry xD

  • 09/14 ~ the Championships continue…

    Ours two riders participate at European Mounted Games Championships. Yesterday they played in the 2nd session…

    alt text

    Angel' and Willow at the "bang a ballon" game ! :balloon:

    alt text

    Alicia and Quenza at the "2 flags" game…

    Come on girls you can do it !

    Bonus : Last night, return to childhood for Alicia and her coach Eva ahaha :smile:

    alt text

  • I'm in love with those two ponies hahaha :heart_eyes_cat:

  • @Borja-Domecq Thank you very much I'm happy you like them :D

  • 09/16 ~ Club party !

    Hi ! Yesterday It was a club party on Newport Equestrian Estates ! Every year there is a club party with a different theme in all equestrian centers of France. This year, for us it's a hippie theme. For the occasion our riders disguised themselves as hippies.

    In the program : The "Hippie barrel racing" ! :horse_racing: And a party together at club house with a snack ! :musical_note: the riders must go as fast as possible and quickly turn around barrels without dropping them, forming a shamrock.

    alt text

    Above Clémence and Quatia start galloping and must quickly turn around the barrels.

    alt text

    Above Juliette and Le Quelis do the same. As you can see the riders wear colored clothes with psychedelic patterns !

    alt text

    Rebecca and Hannigan turning around barrels… This couple were the fastest ! Congratulations ! :clap:

    It's not easy not easy to ride like cowboys and direct the horses with one hand huh ? :laughing:

    It was a very good moment together !

    Party at the club house in the evening ! The music, the dance, the food and mostly the atmosphere were there !

    alt text

  • 09/16 ~ Back home !

    That's it ! The European Mounted games Championschips in Northern Ireland are officially finished. :flag_ie: Our riders are ranked 15/70 !! A very good experience for these riders. They had a lot of fun :smile: To renew !

    alt text

    Angélique and Alica with their ponies back home today !

  • Congratulations to the team, especially riders and ponies :)

  • Congrats for the result :) it's amazing :)

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