Newport Equestrian Estates ~ Stables's life || 11/12

  • Congratulations !!!

  • Congratulations it's really deserved ! :D

  • @Ian-Salvatore @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you very much to both of you :two_hearts:

  • 11/05 ~ On this 5th of November, it is an important day for the British people because it's the Gunpowders Plot's birthday. It's called Guy Fawkes Night (who's lived in the time King James 1st, 1605), is so an annual commemoration observed on the 5th of November (the date of his arrest). This true story is particularly highlighted in the comics "V for Vendetta" and also in a movie which is from the comics, released in 2006.

    alt text
    My rider Andrew is of British origin and and decided to wear the Guy Fawkes's mask visible in the movie, for the occasion. He rides our young KWPN mare Vendetta ahaha xD

    Below, I will you present to you our stunning and amazing new baby who is Blue Hors Wolverhampton Z ! A big name insnt' it ? xD Wolverhampton or Wolver is very beautiful and curious young Zangersheide stallion by magnificient Blue Hors Kashmir, a chestnut SWB stallion from @Ian-Salvatore (Ahlmann Farm) that I thank a lot anyway ! <3 And the wonderful Z mare Poetin 2 CL Z mare by Sandro Hit himself ! From the "Haras de Hus"that I also thank very much ! :heart_eyes:

    You will have more information about his future and his character ;)

    alt text

  • Ohhh my little vendetta, who grew up well !! oohhh little boy, what is he beautiful guys, Welcome in the world Wolve :) I hope full of victories and trophies in a long career of success.

  • @Ian-Salvatore Oh yes are you seen ? ^^ she is a beautiful mare. At start she was a little scared by the Andrew's mask ! xD tomorrow I will jump a little with her...
    About Wolver thank you very much for him I hope too :D

  • Cute new baby ;) I hurry to see more! :D

  • I think I love Vendetta :heart: she's very beautiful and I like her facial marking a lot! Wolve seems like a very athletic guy, I'm looking forward to seeing him under the sadle :)

  • @Borja-Domecq Thank you very much for your lovely comment :heart: I'm glad you find my mare is beautiful thank you for her ! she is a young mare with potential ^^
    About Wolver, he seems to be hopeful I'm looking toward too :D

  • @Eloïse-Newport Vendetta is beautiful <3

  • @Eloïse-Newport Blue Hors Wolverhampton Z <3 <3 <3

  • Thank you from them Eva ! He's a great young horse :D I'm very happy to see you here ! :) :heart: :heart:


    Sorry for our 5 days of absence, we were busy with the renovation of the main stable more precisely the enlargement of the stalls and the new doors laying's. From now on, we can put 3 to 4 ponies per stall (for the little ones of course). All horses and ponies were in pasture during the works xD

    Here is the new stalls ! :) My love Marc and his DIY friends are done very good job ! Thank you so much <3

    alt textalt text

    Today is Sunday. The stables is calm so we took the opportunity to work with Vendetta and Wolver in the big outdoor arena. Wolver was a little reluctant today particularly with the training mat but we are quietly passing on letting him sniffle each time ^^

    alt text

    Wolver and Vendetta are young (2 and 3 years old) and they are both curious and timid. My chestnut pearl works with my boyfriend Marc on the same exercise as me and Vendetta does the same thing as Wolver, that is to say to sniffle the mat. Neither of them had a fear reaction's or burst at the sight of blue mat so we are going forward...

    alt text

    The horses progress ! We are very happy with the progress we have made with them lately :D A bonus photo a of Wolver and me trotting on the training mat ! Wolver is no longer intrigued by this one <3 I'm very proud of you my loves :heart_eyes_cat:

    alt text

  • 11/11 ~ PUBLIC DAY

    The weather is nice but the cold starts to settle, we will soon have rain. Mowing horses also is coming soon :)
    Meanwhile this afternoon, it was jumping lesson for Angélique and Olga. The pony wanted to go out and Angel was free so I'm offered to ride her. The 11 y/o Welshie was in good shape see even a little too much ! xD She was kicking and Angel' almost fell several times !

    Wonderful blow of jump my lovely dark princess <3 Both are jumping almost 1m :D

    alt text

    As usual all photos are HERE

  • Olga have a really good jump shot ! :heart_eyes:

  • @Shagaia-Nedja'ri Yes Indeed ! ^^ Thank you Shagaia <3

  • 11/12 ~ SOME RESULTS

    I am proud to announce that our little Latvian grey mare Vasaras Skumjas S and my companion Marc are ranked 5th in the "Third level (5)" class at the xCaliber's Dressage ! Congratulations my loves <3
    This mare has met our expectations and achieves beautiful prowess in particular in dressage ! She has an innate talent I feel :D

    Vasaras aka Laska has a "Newcomer" title in Dressage !

    alt text

  • Congratulations to her and Marc !

  • @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you for them :)

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