Newport Equestrian Estates ~ Stables's life || 12/15

  • @Ian-Salvatore Thank you very much Ian :) <3 Yes she's adorable !

  • So cute mare ! She's beautiful :heart_eyes:

  • @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Oh Thank you very much Shagaia :heart_eyes:

  • 11/29 ~ AT THE STABLES…

    Today, it's quiet at the stables. One of our riders Ingrid Beauchamps enjoys a moment of complicity with her Half Arabian mare Quenza.

    alt text

    Meanwhile, I announce you that our little Welsh A pony Gaelic des Gentianes join the formidable Ahlmann Farm at @Ian-Salvatore who rented him for a moment :heart_eyes: It's an honor for us to entrust him to a good house like Ian's

    Beautiful adventure begins… :D **Ian ** came this morning to get him back from the competition.

    alt text

  • I'm sure Gaelic will be very happy with Ian, I can not wait to follow these adventures!

  • @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you very much :D I'm sure too !


    We start the month with a good competition which is The St Claire City Classic (that you surely know). We were looking forward to it. This competition includes several disciplines : show jumping, dressage, Cross country, TREC and other disciplines such as Western… :horse_racing:

    Here are our participants : :)

    Laya des Fanes and Rudolf Martin - Show Jumping
    Prince Saint lois and Juliette Kitzinger - Dressage
    Piatră Prețioasă (Tara) and Alice Grzybowski - TREC
    Caerwys Willow and Thibault Henry - Show Jumping

    alt text

    Rudolf and Laya who took over competitions, they jump an oxer approx. 1,05 m... Despite a difficult start and two fallen poles, this couple caught up well at the end of the course.. Don't be discouraged ! ;)

    alt text

    Above, Thibault and Willow in a band… Obviously, they jump lower fences xD The pony and her rider were fit and realized a no-fault !
    Concerning the dressage, it's Juliette who participates with Prince, our 17 y/o elegant piebald Selle Français gelding.

    alt text

    Below, our only couple who participates in TREC, Alice and our lovely blue eyed Half Arabian pony Tara, imported from Romania ! :flag_ro: Tara is the favourite pony of Alice, they know each other well and have participated together in several competitions :)

    alt text

    It was a very good competition day despite the rain at the end of the day ^^

  • Taraaaa !!! <3 Willow <3 beautiful pic of Laya

  • @Ian-Salvatore Thank you very much for your adorable comment my dear :heart:

  • 12/07 ~ CHRISTMAS PREPARATIONS… :christmas_tree:

    Hi everyone ! It's always me, Eloïse, who write you ! Today, we started putting the Christmas decorations because the holidays approaches very quickly ! :santa_tone1: :christmas_tree: No competitions at the moment…
    Of course, we decorate the Christmas tree in our house and also in the stables ! :D My riders are very happy to decorate the tree together especially the children :)

    alt text

    Meanwhile, I I mowed the last horses with the help of some riders in the rain xD before the winter.
    Below, there are the last shaved horses, Prince (Piebald), Laska (Dapple Grey) and Willow. The latter was also entitled to a new haircut :D

    alt text

  • Ahlmann Farm wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a merry Christmas, I love the foto, it looks like the daltons :)

  • I love seeing all the Christmas cheer already! We from Iron Crest wish you a merry Christmas :heart: :santa: :christmas_tree:

  • Oh look at lovely Laska!! I'm so happy I was able to find her a wonderful home. I love seeing her so often. :heart: :snowflake:

  • @Ian-Salvatore Thank you very much Ian Merry Christmas too :heart: Yes it's true from the biggest to the smallest xD It's the "green halter" trio too :P

    @Jill-Reyes I love too my dear Jill ! :heart_eyes: Thank you very much :D Newport Equestrian Estates wish you a Merry Christmas too ! :santa_tone1: :christmas_tree:

    @Zinnia-Arvi Thank youu so much Zinnia it's thanks to you ! She is fantastic :heart: :snowman:

    Thank you for your adorable comments :heart_eyes_cat:

  • also yes :) thank you enjoy well

  • What a beautiful tree! :christmas_tree: We must do ours too but we are overwhelmed in this moment haha

  • @Shagaia-Nedja-ri I understand you'll do it a little later :) Thank you Sha' :heart:

  • 12/15 ~ FOGGY RIDE

    Hi ! Today we went for a horse ride with some riders under the thick fog because we were in the heights of the town :) The landscape was beautiful with the fog, it adds charm !
    Instead of doing an equestrian lesson in arena, we have been outside with horses in particular next to waterfalls ! It was really nice everybody was happy to go out ! :heart_eyes:

    Little conversation between riders xD

    alt text

    I accompanied on foot three of my riders, Clémence with Glenarvan (left), Andrew with Laya (right) as well as my cousin Juliette and Quatia (below). The mare was a little nervous today, Juliette had some difficulties with her...

    alt text

    GALLOPING RACE ! Who will win ahaha ?? !!!
    We still paid attention to the horses and us, because the visibility was reduced…

    alt text
    alt text

    Here is a photo of waterfalls seen on the Glenarvan's back ! :heart: (Thank you my dear Clem' for the beautiful photo ;))

  • aahhh love atmospphere in the smog, and maybe Glen win nope ?

  • So nice to ride in the smog ! You have wonderful waterfall :D

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