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    Heyah and welcome to a new project of mine! I have for a while wanted to have a little CC Shop were i could share things with you, so you could enjoy them to! I really hope that you'll like the things i make! - For now i will only make pose by name-poses and templates, in the future i hope i'll be able to share some markings and base coats with you guys!

    Terms of Use
    Do not reupload them and don't reclaim them as your work.
    I do not take requests at the moment, but i do take wishes for inspiration.
    Enjoy the stuff!

    Do you have some thing you would like me to make? Then fill out this form that i made and who knows maybe you're wish will come true?

    Name Download Picture
    Dressage Trot Download Picture
    Mini Stallion Pack Download Picture
    WB Conformation Pack - NEW Download Picture

  • The first thing i have for you guys is a dressage trot pose please not this is my first ever pose and might have some baby issues, but i hope you like it anyway!

    alt text

  • So i made a stallion based pose pack for you guys and i really hope you like it, i was the intention that i should be some stallion behaver poses, i hope that you like them and you'll use them.

    alt text

  • PR Committee

    We can never have too many poses! Love the stallion pack, and such a pretty model horse too btw :two_hearts:

  • @Callixta-Rosella I'm so glad you like them! :kissing_smiling_eyes: and thanks on that with the horse. :heart:

  • Good work :)

  • @Ian-Salvatore Thanks a lot! :D

  • i want see more posepack if possible ^^" ;)

  • @Ian-Salvatore There will come a lot of pose packs in the future! :D

  • @Alyana-Vennerberg : Ohhh yeaahhh good very good news then ;)

  • I have added i form for you to fill with your wishes! They may or may not come true!

  • Gorgeous poses! To bad they arent poselisted

  • Oh I love those poses! I'm going to abuse your forum by the way beware :eyes:

  • yay! they are gorgeous. I can't wait to use them 😍

    @Percilla-Wegener said in Kainheim Shop - Mini Stallion Pack:

    Gorgeous poses! To bad they arent poselisted

    You can just save the picture with the codes and type them in :) i like not poselisted ones more because i don't have to wait for the entire list to load just to choose one pose. It takes much longer than typing in a code. Epecially if i have to pose more than one horse.

  • @Sorren-Greyer Why doesn't that surprise me? :joy: :heart:

    @Percilla-Wegener and @Maria-Jones In the zip folder you find the picture i posted and the files are named the poses names, so you can just copy the name and paste it in the pose by name box. :P

  • PR Committee

    These look awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  • Beautiful poses! I feel like I can never have enough :3 Thank you for creating these!

  • @Danielle-Maddox and @Dawn-Austen I'm so glad you guys like them! :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Hello! Loong time no see! I have been a bit busy with my game so i haven't had that much time making CC for your guys, but wait no further i have heard your wishes and made you guys a Warmblood Conformation Pack! Some of the poses might be used for some other breeds, that's up to you guys! The pack contains 8 poses for your horses, i hope you guys enjoy them!

    alt text

  • hooohh great great jobs !!! just thanks you <3

  • Lovely poses, thank you! How did you know I was about to do profile photos :) Perfectly timed.

    That's a gorgeous horse you've got modelling them too :)

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