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    I thought I was a writer, that I could write the script
    And every word I made you say sounded stale out of your lips
    But I still wrote and you still read along
    I didn't want to walk away from all that we had built
    So I sat silently in my guilt

    Amongst all the friendly faces and familiar places, there was one that Ciara had postponed a visit. Even though it's existence was the very reason, she decided to come home. "You're not making it any easier on yourself, dear," her mother had stated, with that way too familiar somber, half-hearted smile on her face. It had been there since the funeral.

    "Will you come along? Please."
    The imploring text was for Luke. If anyone could support her face whatever sight she had to behold, Luke was the one. Besides, he had promised to help in any way he was able to. The freckled young man had been one of Ciaras closest friends growing up, and they shared a bond only childhood friends could understand. "Of course" he replied.

    Well, I saw where the line was, but I clearly walked across
    And the look on your face made my stomach turn and toss
    'Cause I knew that you were lost
    Holding on, pieces of the past

    The engine made a few defeated splurts, as Luke turned it off. They both sat there for a while - in complete silence. Staring at the mighty buildings that once housed national champions, esteemed trainers and countless small, long-legged foals. In the silence, Ciara heard her fathers voice. "This is outrageous! We've discussed this. You're not going anywhere." Even the sound of the slamming door made an echo through her mind.

    Deep breath... Everything had changed, and the estate in front of them was a clear sign of that. Wild bushes had wrapped itself around the foundation, and Luke had to use brute force to get to the dilapidated barn door. Inside, the damp smell of old hay and rotting tree filled the air, and Ciaras heart sank to her stomach. How could she have let it come to this? Overwhelmed she started chewing on her lower lip, but to no avail. The tears welled forcefully up in her eyes.

    When I've seen the work my hands have done
    And I found I was the wrong one
    My youth blinded me to all that you had felt
    Though what was never considered were the cards that I'd been dealt
    But you still played and I was torn

    Suddenly a strange noise broke the air, as Luke was dusting off an old halter. Emerging from one of the stables, was two white, fluffy sheep!


    In the midst of the devastating realisation of things, the brown haired woman couldn't help but let out a confused laugh through the oncoming tears. "Dolly! Polly!" As long as she could remember, the wooly ladies had been prancing the property, and by the looks of it, they weren't about to leave now!

    And I found I was the wrong one
    In the summer I'll be married, and your family will have grown
    And the words of forgiveness that we never spoke
    Will be known, will be known

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  • My gosh, I am so absolutely in love with your blog... Already. The way you write is so captivating. I love how you introduced Ciara, so well thought out, articulate, and creative. You are reminding me of just exactly why I love equus; the storytelling and creativity that you can delve into.
    Your pictures are just amazing, already!! The grainy effect, the sheer quality, and the fine choices of colour palettes.
    The sheep! Oh my! I'm in love.
    I very much look forward to what you have to gift the community with. :heart:

  • Omg… Ciara… I don’t know were to start! I’m so sad I didn’t see this blog before! – Bur honestly Ciara... Give me your skills! Everything in here is just perfect! But I’ll have to start from the top! :D I absolutely adore your logo, it’s just so simple and elegant! <3 And when I read you write omg, I’m in heaven! You write so great and I’m really looking forward to reading more and see what will become of that cozy barn of yours, and I really want to meet Luke! And of cause I’m looking forward to seeing your horses! :heart_eyes:

    At the end I just want to say that you truly are a gifted girl Ciara, and from now on… Whether you like it or not I’ll be stalking thing blog and sit I my corner waiting for you to post something new! So, I guess I officially have your first personal stalker! :D

  • i love the storie <3

  • Absolutely adore this already - loving the dark, mysterious vibe you've got going on and its such an intriguing backstory, I honestly can't wait to see what happens next <3

  • Wow this is awesome you’re really good at writing! I can’t wait to see/ read more, I’m for sure keeping an eye on this blog :heart_eyes:

  • Thank you so much everyone, for your kind words. <3

    @Zinnia-Arvi How sweet of you to take the time to write such a lovely comment! <3 And yes, that's the main reason why equus caught my eye - the storytelling and unlimited choices for how you want to go about it! I'm really looking forward to sharing the next post here, and once again thank you for your kind words.

    @Alyana-Vennerberg Aaaah, Alyana Gina! You're making me blush. Thank you so much for writing such a nice, heartfelt comment. <3 It's appreciated big time! (and feel free to stalk all you like, haha)

    @Ian-Salvatore Thank you Ian! <3

    @Eowyn-Vance Thank you very much Eowyn. Glad to hear the intro was successful in peaking your interest, and I'm looking forward to sharing some more. <3

    @Luna-Smit You're too kind Luna! Thank you. <3

  • I just fell on your blog and all I wonder is why I didn't fall before. You write in a very beautiful way!

  • This blog is absolutely stunning! I love how you set up your staff pictures. The story and photos has so much atmosphere to it, you can almost feel what Ciara is feeling. Definitely going to keep an eye on this vlog for sure!

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    If you're lost and you're lonely
    Go and figure out why
    Take a trip to your darkside
    Go on and have a good cry
    'Cause we're all lonely
    Yeah we're all lonely together

    The last month or so had been a blur of dunning letters, contractor meetings, bank meetings, long nights talking with Luke or her mum, and then occassionally trying to hold herself together. Ciara couldn't have anticipated just how bad the situation was at home, and it only added to her guilt and sorrow to find out. Guilt and sorrow that she hid inside. Not even Luke was allowed to see just how exhausted she was.

    Payments were way behind on everything. They weren't sure as of yet if the bank would be willing to loan them the money needed to get back on their feet, and start restoring the estate.

    Leave what's heavy
    What's heavy behind
    Leave what's heavy
    What's heavy behind

    Besides of all the practical work that were to be done with the place, she also had to start looking for the personalities that were to live there. Both two and -four legged. It was nothing short of impossible to find horses inside the Irish border, that were able to match her criteria though. She wished to continue her father's legacy of Irish bred sport horses, and with that, would very much like to have her foundation horses native to Ireland.

    If your face is down
    Take a look around
    Do your fingers move?
    Do your lungs inflate?
    Are you tired, are you weary
    Of the hidden hate you've been holding?

    Then one day while she were having her morning coffee, at the worn out walnut table her father had made himself, Luke came bursting through the door, almost causing the coffee to decorate said table. "LUKE! What's the rush?!" trying to hold back her irritated tone caused by the surprise, Ciara put the coffee cup down. "You need to see this" completely ignoring his friends irritated demeanor, he presented her with a ripped out newspaper ad.

    The dark bay horse with the white blaze covered almost an entire page. Eyes frantically trailed the text to gather more information. Stallion ... 4 years old ... Irish Sport Horse ... future dressage prospect. Copying Luke, Ciara jumped up, knocking over her chair. "Well!? What are we waiting for - come on!!!" She steered towards the door at an impressive speed, managing to catch her jacket in the passing. Finally some luck.

    Leave what's heavy
    What's heavy behind
    Leave what's heavy
    What's heavy behind

    NV Sonorous (Sony)
    alt text
    A huge thank you to @Claire-Holland for this amazing boy (and another one yet to be introduced!) <3
    I adore them both so, so much!!

  • Ahh It’s Sony! I’m so so glad that you like him! Looking forward to seeing him around! :heart:

  • @Claire-Holland He for sure is gonna make a lot of appearances here!! <3

  • Love the set up for your blog!! Great use of the song Heavy I adore this song! Sony is a handsome little dude

  • Hey guys! Small update from me. Originally I wasn't going to share photos from the world before it was done, but thought you'd enjoy seeing some wips!
    This is a custom world I'm currently making for the Hamrock Estate and storyline. It's set in the moody, rolling hills of northern Ireland, with it's dark forests, rough open plains and deep waters. I'm having so much fun creating this, and can't wait to be able to play out the storyline in it! Currently I'm working on the private Hamrock house, which is heavely inspired by old Irish estates. A bit castle like, but not too grand as to taking away the coziness of home. <3

    (Bear in mind that this is very much still a work in progress)

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    alt text

  • Wow, it looks great so far! I first thought of Scotland for some reason but it turned out that I wasn't that far away, the style of the facilities and the world in general really gives that moody feeling <3

  • PR Committee

    Ooh! HELLO! I saw these elsewhere (on the ES discord) and wanted to instantly know and see more because holy mother, can you build! :drooling_face: :heart_eyes: :two_hearts: I just love the classy, rustic tones to Hamrock Estate, it almost feels positively ancient and so very, very Irish! That was my guess when I saw it - the cool grey stone, the big sprawling house with that ivy and lanterns (Omg @Zinnia-Arvi - looky!) and the cute animals! I determinedly placed ducks, pigs and deer all over my Foxberry world just to make use of having the pets in my game for so long, they just make such a classy feature in your build though. I need to stop because I am just thoroughly embarrassing myself here but please, please please share more :two_hearts:

  • @Therese-Lind Well, considering they're neighbor countries, I can see why you would think of Scotland first. :D Thank you very much! <3
    @Callixta-Rosella Oh my! Thank you so much. Ancient is the perfect word to describe what feeling I'm going for in the house, so I'm glad to hear I've succeeded so far. Yes, I love the placing of animals everywhere, haha. Especially sheep!! Next up is making the large areas where the Hamrock sheep roam. I will definitely share more, thank you so much for your lovely comment. <3

  • I love this :two_hearts: you've got a fantastic talent for world creation, this is really lovely! It has such an impressive atmosphere, I just wanna move in -- not even like into a house, I can just live in the woods and be content, it's really a beautiful world

  • Your blog is just so unique, not alike anything I've seen around. I love the mysterious looks on your photos, the drama, your writing... It all just have a strong appeal to me, as those are things I mostly really enjoy. Same thing with the world you are building - I really do love it's almost medieval looks, the castle-like feeling, the rather dark lighting, the stone and wood buildings... It's just amazing. Keep up the great work, I'm surely following your album closely :heart:

  • Oh my Ciara! I've been wanting to reply to this ever since you posted your newest update. But to be honest, I've been far too speechless to even know where to begin. Thankfully I was tagged so now I must reply (if I'm not too speechless still..)
    You've completely captured the most breathtaking parts of those old Irish estates. I can barely put into words my love for what you're working on. I am totally in awe of everything! And still, I unfortunately have no words to describe just how much I adore the parts of your world you've decided to so graciously share.
    Ah! I look through the pictures again and I am baffled. My gosh! I adore these pictures and your heavenly building skills so so so so much.
    Please tell me there will be a ghost who wonders around at night, making unknown noises, peeking through the windows, and flickering those breathtaking lanterns.. (Which by the way where did you get those lanterns?)
    Since I seriously cannot write out my feelings, because I'm still too in awe (I'm not joking :flushed:). I will stop my rambling. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to catch some words to explain to you what I'm feeling. :sob: I love this estate soooo much :heart: :heart: :heart:

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