The Dumb Adventures of Mark & Burt { 14-01-20 } Just A Beginner

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    Ewww PDA

    :grey_exclamation: This blog contains cursing and gesturing of serious topics, I believe it's in good taste and moderation, however for those sensitive here's a warning!:grey_exclamation:
    Welcome to a blog about two guys who are far from home, who aren't entirely sure about what they're doing, but one thing we do know is that we're horse girls. Even though we're both men. Horse girls. Burt and I are both from West London, having grown up as best friends, and have started a new life in Virginia to take on our equine ambitions in the countryside all the while creating distance from the drama back at home.
    Neither of us ever really saw ourselves moving to the states, we both actually wanted to live in France one day. Burt’s grandmother was French, I was born in France, we both know French, it sounded like a great plan. However Burton is signed to an American record label, and we were (he was) asked to move to somewhere closer to the label’s headquarters which is in LA. No way in hell were we moving to LA. Then they said “okay what about New York?” we said “Ew no.” Then they said “okay fine what about Portland?” We said “disgusting.” We decided on a compromise of “hey so how about we just live in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere Virginia?” “Why?” The label asks. “Horses.” “...?” “there’s an airport nearby.” Since they knew they weren’t going to convince my farm-grown boyfriend otherwise, we were east coast bound. Not quite the American-dream story. We would’ve been just fine in England still. But we weren’t opposed to trying something entirely new.
    We both currently work at an international dressage facility named "Ragged Wood Acres" and live on our own little farm not too far from Ragged Wood. Whether it's our side job or career, we're out working with horses majority of the time and being idiots whilst doing it. (I Have no clue how we're still employed. It’s probably the accent)
    In summary: two music nerds with horses in a new country.

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    - Burton Foxford - 24 - Born in London - Capricorn -
    Non-Horse hobbies include: Hip thrusting to “The Chain” by Fleetwood mac
    :musical_note: Vibe :arrow_forward:
    This is my boy :sparkles: Burton Foxford :sparkles: most notable for the fact he was assigned an old man at birth with a name like “Burton” and being the cuter out of the two of us. I actually just found him on the highway in a cardboard box and took him home with me so now we live together and just so happen to sleep in the same bed and occasionally make-out. Make of that what you will. For those who have difficulty picking up sarcasm, we’re boyfriends. Also known as Burt, and who I affectionately refer to as Bee, Burton also comes from London and we moved to America together for somewhere private where we could carry on the idyllic horsey-life in our own little world. Bee is without a doubt insanely successful already. He went to Wimbledon and has a music degree, has a record deal and is going on his first tour this summer, went to a fine arts school, a professional dancer and musician, a successful equestrian on the side, aaand is in a pretty economically powerful family… he’s got a shit ton going for him. Though I just tease him because sometimes he dresses like a rejected soundcloud rapper.
    Being a dressage rider is obviously Burton's side job. With being a professional musician, Burt sometimes has to take off time to record or for gigs, yet he takes his equestrian work just as seriously. Burton grew up with split parents, his mum’s house was right next to mine and his dad’s house was a big farm with plenty of horses as both his parents grew up with horses— though neither were anymore than hobbyist. However his father would breed unregistered warmbloods and sell them off in ways to keep his farm running. Burt was on the back of a horse as soon as he could walk and joined pony club when he was five and started showing competitively at age 6. Burton has done Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressge, Ridden Showing, Hunter paces, etc. He’s pretty much done it all but has gone back to Dressage as he loves the art of it. He’s an artistic guy all around. He doesn’t enjoy the messiness of show jumping or the risks of cross country, he likes making art out of his equines and trainers love to point it out. (I do too because I am what you call a supportive boyfriend.)
    Once graduating Wimbledon College of Arts, he started up his music career doing your usual hipster stuff, that sort of indie/folk sort of thing. (think Mumford or Iver. Maybe early Fleet Foxes even?) Mans was like an instant hit where we lived. He fits the criteria of today’s ideal indie musician, soft-spoken, unshaven, tall, very lanky, who sometimes looks like he hasn’t slept in months. It was a few months into being a serious musician that he got picked up by an American label and got to really pursue the whole music thing for real. Like stated before, because of his label we were suggested to move to America… aaaand we did obviously. He’s not signed to any big names like Warners or Universal (yet.) it’s a fairly big-deal label nonetheless with some familiar names.
    Favourite breed: Clydesdale
    Favourite Discipline: Dressage
    Riding for: 22 years
    Favourite band/musician: Melanie Safka
    Favourite word: “Wanton”
    Random Fact: Burt did ballet and gymnastics growing up and is freakishly flexible now. He likes to show off by putting his foot behind his head at random times.
    alt text alt text
    you arre the dancing queeen, young and sweeet, only seventeeeeeen

    alt text
    - Marquis Moulin - 24 - Born in Normandie - Aquarius -
    Non-horse hobbies include: Crying to Hozier.
    :musical_note: Vibe :arrow_forward:
    Now that I’ve shown off my wildly successful and impressive boyfriend, there’s me. Marquis Moulin. Most people just call me Mark. (Or Ki/Kiwi ) What have I achieved so far in life at the ripe old age of 24? Well, I’m somewhat of a disaster compared to Burt. Avoiding details to stay within guidelines. However, I’m much happier now than I was a few years ago, but I’m still working through some things. However! I don’t like being a sob-story, I’m not a constant downer I swear, just let me be emo and self-deprecative just this once.
    I wasn’t much of a pony enthusiast growing up, I wasn’t in pony club, I didn’t grow up on a farm, I grew up in London with my adoptive parents and their kids/my siblings. (They were all blond-hair blue-eyed, my Rom ass stood out like a sore thumb. People pretty much knew instantly I was adopted. I got asked a lot.) Though, when I was 14 years old and still short and spindly, I got into being a jockey- which is pretty wild if you look at me now, I don’t fit on the average warmblood most the time. But I absolutely fell in love with horses and kept with the equestrian life but I had to take a break due to an “incident” in highschool where I did have to go to jail for a while. Don’t start fights in schools, kids.
    I was in a pretty dark area through my teen years, once out of jail I was really lost. People around me looked at me differently, even more than they did than before with my wonky face. At the same time I ended up with the wrong crowd, it made everything that was already going downhill even worse. I snagged a position as a working student at a small eventing facility and used working with horses as a safer outlet than the “drastic” ones I had found myself falling into at the time. I stuck with it and found myself getting healthier until I finally managed to escape the wrong crowd and get back in contact with everyone I had been cut off from.
    Keeping with horses, I started a small band with Burton for a while, I ended my working student position and moved into a small flat with Burt and taking riding lessons twice a week and playing gigs until circumstances escalated and Burt and I became more than just friends. I kicked myself out of the band shortly after we became a couple and shortly thereafter Burt got offered a record deal. I was sort of jealous at first, but that was all quickly swept away and I was happy for Bee.
    Eventually Burt came to me one day and said “Ki! We’re moving to America!” and I’m sure you can guess what happened right after that. You’re right, I got very confused and momentarily stressed out then we moved to the states and started working at a Dressage facility. Now back with horses and a couple of our own horses, lifes been pretty fantastic for me!
    Favourite breed: OTTB
    Favourite Discipline: Eventing
    Riding for: 10 years
    Favourite band/musician: Fleet Foxes
    Favourite word: “Motherfucker”
    Random Fact: My parents, who are both pagan hippies, said they wanted to adopt me because I was and I quote “the most bitchin’”
    alt text alt text

    Major probs to you if you read those, there’s a lot to catch up on in Burt and I’s life and I did my best to get the basics down. Mad respect



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    Horses at Home Foxford-Moulin Farm
    Handsome on Red Ragged Wood Acres
    The Great Foxford-Moulin Debate Foxford-Moulin Farm
    The Lone Eventer Ragged Wood Acres
    The Chimera Mare Ragged Wood Acres
    Autumnal Liberty Foxford-Moulin Farm
    The Blonde Girl Ragged Wood Acres
    Robin Hood : The OTTB Foxford-Moulin Farm
    Oh Man, Oh My, Oh Me Foxford-Moulin Farm
    For Those Below : Part 1 Foxford-Moulin Farm
    Bright and... Fresh Ragged Wood Acres
    For Those Below : Part 2 Foxford-Moulin Farm

    -> (OOC Note: The goal of this blog is to stay in character as consistently as possible. I think it’ll be fun to try out, so definitely play along! For any non in-story questions, shoot me a pm)
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  • I'm slightly in love with Burt, simply because he's got his shit together, and I admire that. But Ki has my whole black, cold heart, cause I can connect with him on an emotional level and we can discuss how our fave words both became "Mother Fucker", while we cry over Hozier songs and eat junk food until our souls are full.

    Your new girl love - Chloe Mother Fuckin' West. :black_heart:

  • YES just YES I am SO down for this blog I can't wait! :sparkles:

  • I'm so excited you are back! I love the story you put behind your characters that make them so relatable :)


    @Chloe-West said in The Dumb Adventures of Mark & Burt || Entry 1. || The Boys Are Back:

    I'm slightly in love with Burt, simply because he's got his shit together, and I admire that. But Ki has my whole black, cold heart, cause I can connect with him on an emotional level and we can discuss how our fave words both became "Mother Fucker", while we cry over Hozier songs and eat junk food until our souls are full.

    Your new girl love - Chloe Mother Fuckin' West. :black_heart:

    Can't blame you, don't we all want a man who's got his shit together? (Everyone except Burt apparently, he'll date disaster boys) Thank you very much Chloe haha!

    @Luna-Smit said in The Dumb Adventures of Mark & Burt || Entry 1. || The Boys Are Back:

    YES just YES I am SO down for this blog I can't wait! :sparkles:

    Glad to hear it because I'm hella pumped to start posting updates again! Thank you! :sparkles:

    @Anastasia-Ryan said in The Dumb Adventures of Mark & Burt || Entry 1. || The Boys Are Back:

    I'm so excited you are back! I love the story you put behind your characters that make them so relatable :)

    Thank you so much! I'm excited to be back with this story!

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    On Burt and I's little homestead we have a small handful of personal horses that we view more as pets and family than we do athletic partners. We haven't been living in America for all that long, majority of these horses are very new to our herd, which will definitely expand in the future. It doesn't matter how long we've had them though, we love all of our hoofed companions equally and each horse has a special place in our hearts. They're not the fancy warmbloods we work with at Ragged Wood, in fact, we knew we didn't want to purchase any fancy show horses for our farm. Rather, we have a rather ragtag bunch of ponies -- even if some look fancy at first glance.
    alt text
    { BURT'S GIRLS }
    -Thistle & Bonney-
    Clydesdale Mare
    The only horse of ours to've been imported from England is Thistle, Bee's childhood mare. She's on the smaller side for Clydesdale terms, but has done it all and seen it all. She's 19 years old, with many more good years on her. She will not be showing or be registered, she's here at home with Burt and I to fulfill a good retirement and keep to light work. Thistle is like the mom-friend you wish you had. She practically treats Burton like her own foal even if Burt is 5 years older than her. She can pick up on your mood and will completely suck up to you if she senses you're down. She's lead mare of our horses and doesn't let to other geldings boss her around, but is never mean to the two of them. She protects our smallest and youngest equine, Bonney as if her life depended on it. A true gentle giant. She's already been leased out this summer to work at a kid's summer camp and was an absolute doll, the kids loved her, and she loved being around the kids.
    Thistle means the world to Burt, she's been in his life as long as he can remember and couldn't leave the UK without her. It was difficult to work out transportation, but with a little support from Burt's label, we manage to afford transporting her across the atlantic. We had our concerns with transporting a draft, but she was fantastic for the trip and has settled in very nicely already. Though she's not a huge fan of the hot summer weather....
    Chincoteague Pony Mare
    The baby of the barn, Beachbabe Bonney! One of the first things Burt and I wanted to do when we moved to the States was to get a Chincoteague pony the proper way, go to an auction and cross our fingers that we can win one. Before anyone scolds us for not getting your typical tobiano cream Chincoteague... you gotta understand... them ponies EXPENSIVE! A friend of ours was helping us out when looking at the ponies going up for auction and advised us if we wanted to keep some money in our pockets, then we should pick a pony who was super boring looking. Amongst the bunch of colourful foals at the carnival grounds, we spotted this dark liver chestnut filly with her baby hair coming out in clumps facing this little cemetery right next to the fair ground watching some of the stray island cats. She looks significantly older than the rest of the foals, already looking like she weaned herself away from her dam. We had our eyes set pretty quickly on this little girl. When the day came for auction, she put up a massive fit for the handlers, and by miraculous chances of luck, only us and one other person bid on her and obviously we won.
    What happened with Bonney when she was on the island was that her and her dam strayed away from the herd and happened to miss the roundup she was intended to go to. It's a really rare incident, yet they went ahead and auctioned her off the next round up hence why she was so much older than the rest of the foals and wasn't as used to humans as the rest of the youngsters. She's now a two year old and has warmed up to Burt and I but still isn't very fond of other people. She's a smart little mare though and loves to explore and has been a quick learner and has picked up liberty work easy-peasy. we hope to one day have a young rider to show her, but for now, she's just being a baby!

    alt text
    { MY CHAOTIC BOYS... }
    -Robin & Mingus-
    Off-track Thoroughbred Gelding
    Mr. Robin Hood is my pride and joy. He's a total jerkwad who got gelded late and I love him. I have a thing for horses who are total asses and pose a genuine threat of potentially murdering you. It's just fun (Jk, Jk). With me, Robin is actually a great horse, but for anyone else who tries to get on this dude will definitely be risking some broken bones and bruises. The stables he as bred at sent him to a kill pen because of how dangerous he was. I was advised by what I assume was his previous owners at the auction to not get him, he wasn't worth trying to rescue because of how aggressive he is under saddle. At the time he was skin and bones and looked absolutely miserable. Something about the rose grey thoroughbred kept drawing me. Someone bought him before me for only $200. Once he left the auction floor I had a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and I hunted them down and tried buying the thoroughbred off of them. The original buyer was reluctant as hell to sell him to me. Eventually he let me buy the OTTB off him for an insane price compared to the original $200 they purchased him for. I saw something in this horse and I was willing to shoot myself in the foot money-wise if it meant saving this stunner. I was quick to find out that the thoroughbred, who I was quick to name Robin Hood, since I had a childhood obsession (and current obsession) with the stories of Robin Hood, was gelding immediately prior to the auction.
    Robin is very selective with his riders. He barely trusts most people, especially men. I have no doubt he was treated poorly at his passed home. He's been improving amazingly here, he still is dangerous for most people under saddle, but he's become easier to handle and has started to open up and play with his pasture mates and gain weight and muscle and become all around healthier. We've had a vet examine him to make sure his attitude issues weren't from an health issues and turns out he is totally sound physically. I absolutely love Robin and all of his quirks, I sort of relate to him in some sense. I love him for it. Robbie has loads of potential, he is a great mover undersaddle when he gets over his initial angst, and he loves jumping. I've even done polo on him and he loves it! I hope to make him a show jumper and polo horse, he really enjoys the work and I think it'll be great for his mental state to do sports that really make him think. I love this dude through & through no matter what.
    Friesian Gelding
    "Ohh look at my fancy friesian, I'm so special" I say trying my absolute hardest to hide the fact he is a fully backyard bred friesian who just barely fits the registry. Mingus definitely looks like a fancy, but this five year old looker is totally foundation with no fancy names to be tied back to. "Marquis, that's a terrible financial decision" You say, but I say "No shut up he's pretty" to you and then frown slightly. Mingus, is full of energy. Him and Robin zoom around their paddock with all guns blazing and could probably play all day and night if we'd let them. Both Burty and I ride Mingus quite a lot, he's great undersaddle and is a super fun ride. He can be pretty stubborn, but he never bucks or rears undersaddle. Mingus was stuck in one of those perpetual horse-broker loops and hadn't had a consistent home for most of his life. He's been in and out of stables, has seen many faces, different pastures, different trainers. He hasn't had a consistent living arrangement for most of his life. He's never had a chance to be comfortable in a home, being called by many names, but we were determined to change that. Burt and I made a promise to Mingus when we bought him that he had found his forever home and he'd never have to be sent off to a new home ever again. We try our best to keep his life as consistent as possible. He's our newest horse and we're making sure he doesn't have to set foot in an other float until he's recognised that he has found his forever home.
    Mingus had no trouble meeting the other horses, he settled in fine wit his new herd, most likely assuming this was just another temporary stay. However, as weeks has passed he's changed so much. When we first got him he wouldn't play, he would just stand near the run in with his ears back. Now, like I said, he plays all day and has become great friends with Robin. Mingus hasn't completely established a connection with Bee and I, but we know with time Mingus will warm up to us. He's a lovely boy and we're glad to have him and can't wait to watch him grow!

    alt text
    Bonus photo of Burty and Bonney doing some liberty work together <3


  • Robin and Mingus look like a band that specializes on stealing hearts by being goofballs!

  • @Aradia-Redmane said in The Dumb Adventures of Mark & Burt { Entry 2. } Horses at Home:

    Robin and Mingus look like a band that specializes on stealing hearts by being goofballs!

    Certainly! The two little terrors are a force to be reckoned with! Thank you, Aradia! If the boys could understand English I'd tell them haha!

  • Did you mean: the dumb adventures of kiwi & burt


    :kiwi: :lips: :kiwi:

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe said in The Dumb Adventures of Mark & Burt { Entry 2. } Horses at Home:

    Did you mean: the dumb adventures of kiwi & burt


    :kiwi: :lips: :kiwi:

    see, I could've because Kiwi is a top-notch nickname, however, the stark contrast between the dumb nickname like "Kiwi" compared to the old man-esc name like Burt it'd just make Burt look even more like an old man, we can't do that to the poor boy :pensive:

  • I saw this update last night and fell completely in love with Robin (? I'm talking about the rose grey). You have no idea, he's absolutely, insanely well made. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for nice looking greys. But gosh I love him!!!

  • @Zinnia-Arvi said in The Dumb Adventures of Mark & Burt { Entry 2. } Horses at Home:

    I saw this update last night and fell completely in love with Robin (? I'm talking about the rose grey). You have no idea, he's absolutely, insanely well made. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for nice looking greys. But gosh I love him!!!

    Thank you so much! Yes, Robin is the rose grey! <3 I usually not a big fan of making greys actually :laughing:

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    alt text
    It's still hot outside and we're dying of heat since we're both weaklings who haven't acclimated to the weather. However, just because Burt and I are weenies, (mostly me.) doesn't mean we get off work. One of the cool ass horses Burt works with is Elkwood Emmet RWA a big, handsome, chestnut Irish Sport Horse. (Big thanks to @Lidija-Rotherford for helping produce this guy) Emmet is a big sweetie, but needs an experienced rider. Burty isn't his main rider, the lady who owns the place rides him and is very strict on who she allows on her personal horses, but Burty's the special exception who gets to use Emmet.
    This ride wasn't anything particularly special. This was on Burt and I's day off and he decided to drag me with him to Ragged Wood since we were both very very bored with nothing to do. We called up the barn manager and asked if any of "our" horses were free. Instead of riding I watched Burt do a simple ride on Emmet in the "stallions' arena" and took some photos of him and the stallion. Not my favourite horse and rider pair, admittedly But I enjoy getting getting shots of Burt and his various assigned horses since he's somewhat of an owners' favourite, and he's just generally really photogenic-- Emmet too!
    alt text

    They'll be more of Emmet to be seen in the future since he's a pretty cool horse for a youngster! Cheers!

  • So I have the crew here all excited about the pretty horse, but our instructor Nora really wants to yell at you for not wearing a helmet :scream:

  • Emmet is sooo C U T E, ah look at him doing his little canter, such a baby 😍😍😍

  • Competition Committee

    Yes, my favourite losers are back! I'm so happy Burt got adopted, I think he would be a bit lonely in that cardboard box of his. :no_mouth:

    if you could please chills on the updates until i can get my thoughts together than would be great, damnit.

    I really love your little ragtag gang of misfits. I feel like we don't see those a lot anymore and it's so refreshing for them to be shown off and loved as you guys love them. Thistle sounds so sweet. I definitely need some of those around my barn, all my boys are destined to be assholes :face_palm_tone1:
    Burt and Bonney doing liberty is everything oh my goooodddd. So cute :sob: :sparkling_heart:

    Also Emmet. I have a weakness for big, beefy Irish Sport Horses (even if I have none, oops). He and Burt look so good together!

  • [ REPLIES ]

    @Aurora-Bianchi Ah' sorry about that, Burton and I are probably the least responsible equestrians out there when it comes to helmet wearing :sweat_smile: we can accidentally bash our skulls in it's fine, we're not that valuable haha!

    @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you!! <3 couldn't have made the cutie if it wasn't for you

    @Rena-Cort Yes ma'am idiot 1 and idiot 2 are back :v_tone2: Burt was starting to befriend the pigeons before I saved him from his cardboard box, he wouldn't have been thaaat lonely

    Thank you so much though! I love my little band of misfit ponies! (and I think we all need a Thistle at our farm) and Emmet too, thanks! I think Bee looks better with some other ponies, but when it comes to work wise, they're pretty nice!

  • alt text
    ~:musical_note: :arrow_forward: ~
    alt text

    M: Ah, the leaves are turning red and the air is getting colder, and you know what that means!
    B: Hallow- M: Christmas.
    B: What? No? Halloween? It’s spooky time?
    M: Christmas is better. You get to drink hot chocolate, listen to christmas music, wear dumb pajamas-
    B: -gawks- who’s stopping anyone from wearing dumb pajamas?
    alt text
    M: I’m just saying, Christmas is exponentially better than Halloween. Christmas is for family and being nice--
    B: AND HALLOWEEN IS FOR BEING SPOOKY! When else am I allowed to hang scary decorations around the house?
    M: You’re just mad because you’re birthday is two days after christmas
    B: That's bs. No way Christmas is better than Halloween! Not a chance!
    M: We don't even get trick-or-treaters out here!
    And thus, the most heated argument to come out of our relationship :the debate of Halloween or Christmas begins again. As it does... every year.
    alt text
    The only thing we've ever agreed on so far is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    I'm sorry you had to witness this dumbassery, a real horse update is coming this week, Cheers :cry:

  • And to what conclusion do they come to... Every year? Agree to disagree? 🤣

  • I love the picture composition :)

  • oh my I missed a lot ! First of all, ROBIN!!! what a stunninghorse! I think I'm in love... <3

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