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  • Oh thanks! We do everything for them to be fit :) No it's Pyxo her husband, I think it's a little difficult to be she who is taken the picture xD

  • New ones at stud !
    To put you in a good mood, Atymic comes to say hello!

    5_1570453318623_Nouveau projet.jpg

    Some changes in this autumn time at the stud, we have already welcomed a new mare: EWE Into Infinity from @Borja-Domecq :)
    She is a 13-year-old mare who has already proven herself in competition, especially in dressage and jumping. She is a sweet
    and affectionate mare, which is quickly linked to our other mare.


    I take the opportunity to introduce a new rider who will love us to take care of horses. Leila McGarden (which we see in the
    background on the photo). Her father accompanied her on her first day (Owen McGarden). They are of American origin and do not
    speak French very well but we get to understand each other. In fact, I met them by pure chance by going to a shop that sells riding stuff
    ( I bought new saddles ! :D ), and talking, we sympathized. And that's how I knew Leila was a rider and was looking for an equestrian
    center. But she agreed to come to the shelter rather to help us.


    In the afternoon, I took Leïla on Cryptic to see her level a little while I was riding Infinity. This mare is really a pearl, I hope to go far
    with her in show!
    Do not pay attention to Leïla's shoes, she did not unpack everything is still cardboard and did not have time to put these boots haha.


    After that, Leila and Owen are spread, smiling, and I went to see my darling in the covered arena. He was riding one of our boarders,
    Coreo. He is a talented young Morab stallion that we collected 2 years ago. We worked a lot with him since we found him in a pitiful state.
    He had been abandoned in a meadow without water. So he tried to escape but it is found caught in the barbels.
    Very fearful and aggressive, he turned into a perfect saddle horse for the competition with some blood from his
    pure Arab blood but obedient and very kind.


    With Pyxo, we worked on all sorts of disciplines, from dressage, eventing, jumping to hitching and liberty. He is a very versatile horse
    that we will soon put up for sale so he finds a good home now that he is treated.
    The only remnants of these wounds are his two heals at the neck. We do not see them on the pictures I took it is on the other side.


  • Welcome to this new pretty girl ! :D Newport wish you a lot of hapiness with her !
    Coreo has a nice blow of jump ! ;)

  • Aww that photo of Atymic <3 <3

    I love the new mare, she's gorgeous! I love her colour!

  • Thank you very much, I can't wait to show you more ! :heart_eyes:

  • Training :
    Hello everyone :D
    Today it was pretty quiet in the stud farm. Soon it will be less, we will receive 2 lusitanos removed from their owner who was breeding intensively. Other horses were placed in other studs, we could only get 2. A gray mare and a black stallion. Currently, they are at the vet to finish the care and vaccines. I only received 2 pictures :


    In the meantime, I mounted our Thoroughbred reformed races, ELS Devil in the Sky. He began his career in Hunter. For a stallion, he is rather calm and has a sure foot. He is very attentive and does not look so much at the mares. He did not suit the racing world because he was not nervous enough and did not give all he had to win the races. It was therefore recovered to make a good saddle horse.


    When at ELS Fairplay, he did not understand the exercise haha
    Our little Connemara is a player although he is also nervous. That's why he will make a perfect competition pony ! Leila had a bit of trouble channeling him, but I think he can get on well when he gets to know each other better.


  • My sweet girl Into :heart: I can't feel more grateful for the home you are giving her! The other horses are very beautiful, especially Fairplay and Devil in the Sky

  • Beautiful horses Shagaïa ! Devil is cute <3

  • @Borja-Domecq I'm so happy with her! I think you'll see him again soon I like him a lot :heart:
    @Eloïse-Newport Thanks for their :heart: I loved doing her coat :D

  • Birth of a little foal !

    Hello everyone!
    Today I want to introduce the first foal of the stud: Bellinge's Ocean's Eleven aka Ocean.
    This is the little of Infinity (@Borja-Domecq ) and Sands of Fire (@Alexander-Westerberg ), two horses that are proven in show jumping. Our little Ocean has a very good career ahead of him !


    He is already overflowing with energy, we can not wait to see what he has on show jumping but also eventing, since his mother is Danzatore in dressage competition, the third title.


    We finally received the two Lusitano to arrive at the shelter. The first, Utopia, is a very fearful mare, we have hardly been able to approach her. We leave her alone in the meadow for the moment.


    The second, the beautiful black stallion is Eclipse (due to the shape of its leading brand). I managed to saddle him, and put me in the saddle until I was ready to gallop, everything was going very well. But sir decided to make a gap and I fell.


    He had fun playing around the quarry, full gallop. But he still came back to me when he finished these stupidities. To make fun of me or to come and forgive? No idea but I laughed when he came back with his innocent little head. It will still settle these excesses of mood!


    Sorry I did not want to edit my photos xD

  • Ocean :heart_eyes: I LOVE he! His coat looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of the little one. Into is a very good mother, and I'm sure she will make her little boy a champion :)

  • I'm so happy if you like it! :D
    Into will be perfect in his role, I can't wait to take more pictures of him

  • Ocean is so cute! Good luck for him and his carrer

  • Welcome to this cutie foal :heart_eyes:
    Not easy to ride this black stallion xD

  • Ocean looks as happy as ever, that little rascal :smile: I wish him the best, I think he has a great future ahead! Ah and poor you, seems like Eclipse needs to learn some manners haha...

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thanks you for him :heart:

    @Eloïse-Newport Yes, He has a sacred character haha

    @Alexander-Westerberg He's so cute and friendly ! I'm sure he's climbing to the top with parents like that :D

  • Golden horse with silver mane !

    Today, after months of waiting, we received our beautiful stallion ELS Eternal Jazz. We thank @Celia-Acosta for the participation of her mare Janara I de Xantre who did a wonderful job with her foal. Jazz is the son of Janara and our stallion Eclipse. We see a very good future for him in training given his pedigree. You can see more here if you wish!
    A magnificent Spanish Warmblood of palomino coat with silver mane join our ranks.


    No work today, it's a day of rest. We went with Leila, Fairplay and Eclipse to walk on the domain. We could admire the beautiful colors of autumn. Eclipse wasn't a problem. In fact, he is wise as long as he does not gallop. But I still kept a bridle with him ;)


  • beautiful Eternal Jazz :)

  • @Ian-Salvatore Thanks for him ! Wait to see these paces, I'll take pictures :D

  • I too have horses who will run, if you let them gallop, so I totally feel ya! But it's a very cute picture! :heart_eyes:

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