♦ Everlast Studfarm ♦ Snow and new horses! 11/20

  • Birth of a little foal !

    Hello everyone!
    Today I want to introduce the first foal of the stud: Bellinge's Ocean's Eleven aka Ocean.
    This is the little of Infinity (@Borja-Domecq ) and Sands of Fire (@Alexander-Westerberg ), two horses that are proven in show jumping. Our little Ocean has a very good career ahead of him !


    He is already overflowing with energy, we can not wait to see what he has on show jumping but also eventing, since his mother is Danzatore in dressage competition, the third title.


    We finally received the two Lusitano to arrive at the shelter. The first, Utopia, is a very fearful mare, we have hardly been able to approach her. We leave her alone in the meadow for the moment.


    The second, the beautiful black stallion is Eclipse (due to the shape of its leading brand). I managed to saddle him, and put me in the saddle until I was ready to gallop, everything was going very well. But sir decided to make a gap and I fell.


    He had fun playing around the quarry, full gallop. But he still came back to me when he finished these stupidities. To make fun of me or to come and forgive? No idea but I laughed when he came back with his innocent little head. It will still settle these excesses of mood!


    Sorry I did not want to edit my photos xD

  • Ocean :heart_eyes: I LOVE he! His coat looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of the little one. Into is a very good mother, and I'm sure she will make her little boy a champion :)

  • I'm so happy if you like it! :D
    Into will be perfect in his role, I can't wait to take more pictures of him

  • Ocean is so cute! Good luck for him and his carrer

  • Welcome to this cutie foal :heart_eyes:
    Not easy to ride this black stallion xD

  • Ocean looks as happy as ever, that little rascal :smile: I wish him the best, I think he has a great future ahead! Ah and poor you, seems like Eclipse needs to learn some manners haha...

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thanks you for him :heart:

    @Eloïse-Newport Yes, He has a sacred character haha

    @Alexander-Westerberg He's so cute and friendly ! I'm sure he's climbing to the top with parents like that :D

  • Golden horse with silver mane !

    Today, after months of waiting, we received our beautiful stallion ELS Eternal Jazz. We thank @Celia-Acosta for the participation of her mare Janara I de Xantre who did a wonderful job with her foal. Jazz is the son of Janara and our stallion Eclipse. We see a very good future for him in training given his pedigree. You can see more here if you wish!
    A magnificent Spanish Warmblood of palomino coat with silver mane join our ranks.


    No work today, it's a day of rest. We went with Leila, Fairplay and Eclipse to walk on the domain. We could admire the beautiful colors of autumn. Eclipse wasn't a problem. In fact, he is wise as long as he does not gallop. But I still kept a bridle with him ;)


  • beautiful Eternal Jazz :)

  • @Ian-Salvatore Thanks for him ! Wait to see these paces, I'll take pictures :D

  • I too have horses who will run, if you let them gallop, so I totally feel ya! But it's a very cute picture! :heart_eyes:

  • Welcome to this beautiful Golden Jazz! :heart_eyes:

  • Happy Halloween !

    Grrrrrrrrrr ......

    0_1572521771916_Nouveau projet.jpg

  • Love this!! that saddle pad is too cute! Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

  • Happy Halloween Shagaia ! :bat: :jack_o_lantern:

  • Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

  • Training and foal!

    Today it was dressage training! We took the horses out to relax them, then we started the warm-ups and the work. I was riding Eclipse, and my god, this horse is really magical. Even if he has a dirty character haha. In the last two competitions he did, he placed 1st and 3rd. I do not doubt his future as a competitor! Utopia, ridden by my darling, she remains for the moment discreet in the middle of the classification. But, since she is nervous, she must still get used to the noise around. But Pyxo has already done a great job with her!


    We also decided to put our newcomer Jazz to work. It already shows beautiful paces and great abilities for the future. At the same time, considering the parents of this little one, he can only be a crack! He is very attentive, and apply, even if like his dad, he has a small character. But its small size makes it all cute :)


    Foal time! I present you the little one of our mare Cryptic and EWE Starhawk, a filly named ELS Star Ashes aka Ash. I still thank @Borja-Domecq for his beautiful stallion :heart:
    She is already full of life, and gets along very well with Ocean!


  • Oh news babies ! So cuute <3 It's the first Cryptic's foal !
    Eclipse is very talented ! :D

  • Hey girl? Where have you gotten the white legprotection from? Looks like "dressur gamacher" from Denmark :D

  • That pretty girl :heart_eyes: I knew Hawk's combination with Cryptic was going to be good ^^

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