Loomis's picture book

  • Hi guys :grin:
    I'm kinda new and decided that opening a little picture book would be a good start!

    I don't have much yet, so let me give you a little sneak peak of my main project right now, Rockabye!
    He's an handsome appaloosa stallion :blush:

    alt text

    Hope you like him!

  • What a stunning horse!

    Do you do imports :D

  • Wow his markings are amazing! He seems like a very nice horse. :smile: :heart:

  • Thanks guys :heart:

    @Dalton-Howell, sadly, no :confused:

  • yay another appaloosa lover!!! :cartwheel_tone3:

    The depth in color and quality of Rockabye's coat is stunning, and the spotted blanket marking is expertly done. He is fabulous and I look forward to seeing more of him!

  • Oh men, that appy is simply to die for!

  • He looks gorgeous! His coat is lovely but I'm more in love with his tiny little mane :laughing: :
    I'm eager to see what you post next!

  • He is stunning I can't wait to see more

  • This Appaloosa is awesome! :o I hope we see more in the next time, I love his coat! <3

  • such a beautiful boy!

  • That marking is to die for. Have you created it yourself?

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