Toledo`s Berries Raffle [ENDED]

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    :herb:Welcome to the raffle from the Toledo`s Berries Stables!:herb:


    • The horse has to keep the my prefix and no other prefix or suffix may be added.
    • Do not change the coat color, shape of the horse, color of eyes and so on.
    • My horses have a private shine that I have no right to transmit. Keep this in mind.
    • You can replace the missing marking with a suitable one. I have too many file assemblies and I don’t know where most of my markings come from.
    • You are allowed to change shine, mane and tail.
    • If you decide to sell the horse or send it to reclaimable, let me know. Do not resell a horse without us knowledge!
    • If you want to sell the horse, please contact us first.
    • If the photoreport is not available for a long time (four months) or the horse owner ignores my messages, I undertake to pick up the horse. You must drive a horse in competitions.
    • The horse is not registered (register your horse immediately after winning).
    • I send files by e-mail.
    • My ID 9798.

    TBS Crystal Grand
    Breed Dutch Warmblood
    Gender Stallion
    Discipline Show Jumping
    Height 172
    Sire SEE Dampfross
    Dam TBS Cincinnati's Treasure

    alt text
    0_1569748005073_фыв.png alt text 0_1569747985897_с.png
    To apply for, you to fill out this form with.
    Good luck :heartbeat:

  • :herb: Sorry for delay! :herb:
    So, the winner is @Marquis-Moulin! Congratulations on winning this raffle! :heartpulse:
    Thanks a lot to everyone-everyone for participating, I really appreciate it.
    I hope that in the near future I will be able to launch a couple more raffles. Oh yes, soon the holidays are waiting ^^

  • Oh my gosh I’m so excited! I wasn’t expecting to win haha!

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