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    While this is an incredibly difficult decision for me, I have decided to sell most of my western horses to focus on my english stable Geneva Park, and eventually close the Hetting Ranch. My heart just isn't in it anymore, and recently I have caught myself ignoring the Ranch more an more while focusing on Geneva Park. That doesn't mean that these horses are not important to me though, which is why I'm asking you to send me an application for the horse you are interested in and explain what you plan on doing with it in the future. I'll carefully select a new owner later on. I'm not selling these horses to make tons of money, but because I want a good home for them.


    • If you don't want the horse anymore, contact me! I might want to buy it back.
    • DO NOT change the coat or conformation. Feel free to ask me about updates though.
    • Keep them active! I'd love to see them around. These horses are not broodmares or studs only! Feel free to breed, them, but don't forget about their career please.
    • If you read the rules, tell me about your favorite tv show in the application.
    • Let me know if you don't have time to keep them active for some time for a reason, I'm always willing to lease them for free so they can stay active.
    • Do not mass upload the horses file or custom marking.


    WRR One Sweet Ride

    alt text
    This 10 year old Buckskin Tovero APH mare has quite a successful career. She is currently Regional Western Pleasure Champion with 60 points as well as Regional Western Trail Champion with 75 points. She is a vvery talented mare who will continue to do her best in shows and would make a good mother later on.

    Hetting's Smoky Atlas

    alt text
    This stunning grullo AQH stallion has had a great career so far, with 44 Points in Western Pleasure and 49 Points in Reining. He is only 7 years old, but already close to his Regional titles in both disciplines, and we are sure that he has an amazing career still ahead of him!

    Hetting's Colorful World

    alt text
    This smoky black sabino APH stallion is our most successful stallion. He is 6 years old and competing in Western Trail and Working Cow Horse,. after having been retired from Halter. He is Regional Western Trail Champion with 81 points and close to his next title, and has 4 points in WCH. He is also Regional Halter Champion (retired).

    More horses might be added later.


  • Applied <3

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