✿ Yeguada de Duarte ✿ | The super champion and his giant friends

  • @Borja-Domecq thanks for your beautiful words! <3

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    We continue!

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    MHS Ravel Wonderland's A Mirror to Places Ballindarragh
    alt text alt text alt text
    Legolas S EA Alcatraz EWE Kaptain Obvious
    alt text alt text alt text
    Kalon S Embrujo de Urquijo Master of Shadows de Duarte
    alt text
    VAPH Gingerbred Man

  • Embrujo :heart_eyes: he looks so powerful!

  • Kaptain Obvios is gorgeous! I love shiny and smooth black horsess like him :heart_eyes:

  • So many pretty horses, I could never pick a favorite! It's fun to see an overview of all of them ^^

  • @Borja-Domecq, @Alexander-Westerberg & @Therese-Lind thank you so much for your lovely comments <3

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    Ghalia des Gentianes

    I'm a little overwhelmed because I want to do many things and I barely have time for anything ... in fact, I have been uploading this update for almost two days ... because we are still moving to the stud.

    (That's what I talk about under Ghalia's photos).

    Her breeder ( @Eloïse-Newport ) wrote a short description in the post sale and I could not resist her. She looked so adorable!

    This pretty mare is curious and wants to learn. Her player character can sometimes interfere with her learning. But with your patience and your love we can do everything with her ! Ghalia is versatile you will be able to practice the discipline of your choice with training of course. Ghalia still has her little character but she is sociable with humans, rather submitted with other mares and friendly with dogs she loves them ! This young mare is a daily happiness

    And she was right. Ghalia is a foal with a mare's body. She loves to browse. She arrived two hours before lunchtime, received some basic care (some water and a brush) and she was taken to a small paddock near the building for newcomers.

    From there he was able to observe some workouts and exchanged some neighs with some of our residents. He also received many caresses (some of my riders stopped a few minutes to greet her) and a few goodies.

    We still don't know in which discipline she will compete, but the truth is that she already has a few fans willing to fight each other to take her to the top.

    alt text
    alt text alt text

    As I said, the changes are still being made here. Most horses that needed to be moved have already done so, but some are still in process.

    After much thought, for the moment, I have separated my two Arab lines (the Spanish and the Egyptian). I don't plan to continue with the Egyptian line, however, it is possible that they will remain here to breed, in the future, Hispano-Árabes.

    I've also thought about moving my western horses. We are looking for ranches to buy in the United States to raise horses there focused on western disciplines ... and this is taking a long time.

  • @Irene-Duarte OMG :heart_eyes: thank you very much for this post ^^ She is really beautiful at your home I am very happy that you like her I'm sure you will not be disappointed with her ! I'm also sure she'll blossom in what she will do as discipline :D

    Good road to you ! :horse:

  • Nice to see your updated horse profile pics <3 more horses to look at!
    Ghalia is really beautiful. I love her rich bay coat!

  • @Eloïse-Newport & @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thanks for taking a little time to comment on my blog. I very much appreciate your comments! <3

    alt text

    In Spain we have a really crazy time. We go from a heat similar to that of summer to the cold with which winter is announced. We know that we are in autumn because the trees began to lose their leaves and the sun goes down before every new day.

    alt text

    Along with this fall not-fall, we too welcome Kilborn's Carrica and her son Kilborn's Crying Dutchmann, and Davinci des Aurades.

  • I can not agree more with you haha, last week we had a summer weather and yesterday the first snowflakes fell in the mountains near the stable :) The photos are magnificent, I like your new album style too much, I'm looking forward to seeing more photos and horses :heart:

  • AHHHHH! That chicks and baahs are lovely. New baes look they're having fun with the fallen leaves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Animals in the nature ! :heart_eyes: who is more beautiful ? :D
    Winter is coming soon !

  • Sheeeep! :D I made a sheeppicture the other day too! :D <3

  • Replies

    @Borja-Domecq it's a crazy time. Now the temperatures have plummeted, the wind is blowing quite hard and we have even seen the first snow. This time has nothing to do with last year's weather.

    @Vera-Alvarez Yes, they enjoyed it a lot. They had just left the van (after a long trip). ^^

    @Eloïse-Newport Here we feel that winter has already arrived. xD We had the first (small) snowfall of the year! As I told Borja, last year these days we were still in a shirt and shorts ... and this year, with the complete set of coat, scarf and gloves because it is quite cold outside.

    @Regina-Walker The sheep are too adorable. They need a little more representation here, hehe! xD

  • I just realized some of those horses was horses from my stable :face_palm_tone1: :joy: :see_no_evil:

  • alt text

    I know that these situations will be happening more and more because of the amount of horses we have and it may be that I get used to it over time ... but for now, I cannot be happier to announce that my beloved QMR Vanderlyle has reached the last TREC title, with 209 points.

    alt text

    Although nothing has changed for him. Vanderlyle is a Breton stallion who will continue to compete in his second discipline, Halter, where he is close to 100 points.
    He's currently available in our stallions catalog. ;)

    alt text

    Another stallion that has recently been added to our catalog is TLM Close to the Stars. "Close" is a pretty bay Clydesdale that competes in Combined Driving (125 points) and Halter (18 points).

    alt text

    I had completely forgotten to introduce this great boy. He's ISF Nico, a grey Percheron stallion who has spent all this time grazing quietly because, until now, he had not found someone who dared to take the reins of this powerful (and kind) boy.

    alt text

    And finally ... the girls! In this small big group there are also two new faces.
    From left to right: ISF Flashy Girl, ISF Miss California, PSSC Prada, TLM Now That's Nifty and TLM Lady In Waiting.
    All of them are Clydesdale.

    I took the pictures when the first snowfall of the year fell (luckily, it wasn't too much snow). It did not last too long because the following days it was a bit hotter and the snow quickly fell apart (leaving everything muddy).

  • I'm really angry with you :angry: You can't show these huge balls and pretend that I don't want to have any!
    I don't know what I like best, if Vanderlyle is a Breton or his coat is roan :heart_eyes: Close and Nico are two handsome stallions, and the girls, what can I say about them, I love them :heart:

  • They are all so pretty! :heart_eyes:
    nice to see more drafts around <3

  • Me: I don't need a percheron.
    You: hold my Nico.

  • Wow beautiful horses! I really like the gray mare Prada! It is true that I have only one horse like that, it would be necessary for me one more hihi

  • Your photos are beautiful and the last one is just wow with a nice landscape :heart_eyes:
    '' Close'' have charisma :)

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