Rocky Mountain Ranch Sales [Ends When Sold]

  • Welcome to RMR's Sales!

    About: This thread is to show off all the horses that we currently have for sale.

    • Buyout Price: this means the horse has a set sale price and will go to the best fit home for the buyer willing to pay the set price

    • Starting Bid: this means the horse has a starting bid price and will be auctioned off. The horse will be sold to the highest bidder on the auction ending date

    Sales Rules Found Here:

  • Is $5000 the starting bid price (peach)? Also, can I see some CAS pics of the painted stallion?

  • @Aurora-Bianchi $5,000 is the buyout price for each of these horses. And I will get CAS photos and send them to you via an imgur link in a PM here momentarily ^_^

  • New Sale Horses

    * RMR American Paint Horse: A flashy mare for any show ring all wrapped in a neat little compact package. This mare could go almost any way you'd like as she is very easy going and driven in whatever task you give her. She is a Sooty Palomino Splash. Her marking is custom made by myself (My first actual custom marking in almost a year of taking a break). Buyout Price: $7,000

  • New Sale Horse!

    RMR is pleased to offer up this unique stock horse for your consideration. You may choose the gender of the horse as I had no specific gender in mind when making him/her. The overo marking is completely custom and is made by yours truly :smile:

    To get this horse to look proper in game, you will need a few public markings (such as shaders ect) all will be provided with a link to the public CC I do use after purchase if you do not already have them.

    Starting Bid: $8,000
    0_1572485570995_Screenshot-99.jpg 0_1572485603574_Screenshot-98.jpg 0_1572485617121_Screenshot-97.jpg

    Highest Bidder: Still Available!

  • ~ New Sale Horse ~

    RMR is offering this compact stock horse for your consideration. This mare would do the best in Western disciplines but since she is only 5 years old, could go any direction you'd like. She is a bay minimal splash white American Paint Horse. Leg/Facial markings are custom made by me. Please make sure to read the rules linked at the top of this thread, though most of them are common sales rules. :slight_smile: Will end 11/15/2019 at noon GMT. Good luck and happy bidding!

    Starting Bid: $8,000
    0_1573721775837_RMR Minimal Splash Sale Horse.jpg
    0_1573721782891_RMR Minimal Splash Sale Horse 2.jpg

    Winner: @Sadie-Woodson

  • Starting bid for the bay mare (peach)

  • Accepted :smiley:

  • SB on the overo. Peach

  • Accepted :)

    Bay Splash Mare sold!

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