October Competition Changes!

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    Hello, members of Equus!

    I have a somewhat big announcement to make. Starting with the shows in October, we will no longer have entry fees for shows, but we will still pay out winnings, but the winnings will be reduced to match our economy. Why are we making this change all of a sudden? Well, to be honest, the Competition Committee is down on its knees and we had to make a change to lower our workload. Accepting fees on the main site takes a long time, especially for the big 3 shows, so this change cuts judging in half.

    As for the second change. We have decided to scratch the rule of paying out winnings 3 days after results are posted. The new rule for winnings is that winnings are sent out by the end of the month at the latest. It means that shows hosted in October and judged in October should have winnings sent out at the 31st of October. Shows ending at the end of October and judged in November will have to send out winnings at the 30th of November. This means that you can no longer expect to have winnings the days after results are posted, however since you no longer lose money in shows, this won’t make a big difference for your bank. However, shows should still have results posted 5 days after the show has closed for judging, or for member hosted shows the show should have been posted for review in the member hosted channel on slack 5 days after it was closed for judging. If a host needs more time to judge than the given 5 days, more days can be granted if asked for.

    That was all for the October changes when it comes to shows, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them, either in this thread or in a DM to @Anna-Hertler on the forum or slack.


    • Entry fees will be removed from shows.
    • Winnings will be reduced, but still paid out.
    • Show hosts have 5 days to judge their shows after closing time/post shows for review on slack (not a change, but a good reminder).
    • Winnings are sent out at the latest at the end of the hosting month.

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