[CC][R:L10][RESULTS 10/13] Dressage

  • Could you please change #36649 GVH Yavanna's rider to Julie Nowak? Thank you :heart:

  • Could you change the level of #32314 YDA Aquiles VI to Second Level (4) please? Thank you :heart:

  • ELS Eclipse and ELS Utopia has been recently registered

  • PR Committee

    I've put some numbers behind my name on one of my entries; please can the numbers be deleted <3

  • I made a little error on the name of nº 32885. The correct one is ''Kabileña de Urquijo''. Thank you!!

  • Could you please change 29642 AC Atalaya to Prix St. Georges (7)? Thank you :)

  • I have a handful of horses who are newly registered & flickering

    #36651 Elkwood Emmet RWA
    #36694 D'Arcadia RWA
    #36726 Zaragoza de Urquijo
    #36727 Gatsby RWA
    #36728 Revoltoso RWA
    #36729 Bambi RWA
    #36730 Lovett RWA

  • just a heads up, Kronborg's Vanderbilt (ID 33538) is recently registered so he might cause some problems... thank you for taking an eye on it <3

  • Development Committee

    I accidentally clicked on the wrong level! Could you please move 28350 Foxberry's Mortzestus down to Intermediare I (8)? Thank you!

  • Can you please change RL Royal Rosette's ID to 23528? Thank you!

  • Moderation Committee

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