[SOLD] First Auction of our Haven !

  • Helllllloww

    Welcome to our first auction !
    I can't wait to show you our beautiful stallion for sale!
    But above all, some rules to respect :

    -The horse keeps my prefix, but you can change the name
    -You can change the markings of brightness, shade, mane and tail ... but not its color !
    -If you miss some markings, I have a folder with ALL my markings, but I have many :D
    Or you can simply modify them with a resanblant
    -If you decide to sell the horse, keep me informed I might want to get it back
    -I send horse by e-mail
    -We can finally go on sale :)

    ELS Coreo aka Oreo
    Stallion - Morab - 7 years - Smoky Black Silver (Ee Aa Crcr Zz)

    Main profil : ELS Coreo
    We can see it in our scrapbook here !

    2_1570479926364_Screenshot-2.jpg 1_1570479926364_Screenshot-3.jpg 0_1570479926364_Screenshot-4.jpg

    He is a talented young Morab stallion that we collected 2 years ago. We worked a lot with him since we found him in a pitiful state.
    He had been abandoned in a meadow without water. So he tried to escape but it is found caught in the barbels.
    Very fearful and aggressive, he turned into a perfect saddle horse for the competition with some blood from his
    pure Arab blood but obedient and very kind.
    We worked on all sorts of disciplines, from dressage, eventing, jumping to hitching and liberty. He is a very versatile horse.
    that we will soon put up for sale so he finds a good home now that he is treated.
    The only remnants of these wounds are his two heals at the neck.
    Our little Coreo is waiting for you!

    Starting bid: $5 000 ---Increase bid $1 000

  • Development Committee

    SB please - he would fit perfect to my little Morab mare :heart:

  • Accepted ! :D

  • If nobody wants it, I'll give it to Fiora on the 11th :)

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