Do I Own Your Horse?

  • I'm trying to figure out whose horses I own because names changed so do prefixes, I am going to make a list that will have your name on it(if I have a horse from you) that way it will be 10x easier for me to track you down and shoot you a message in regards to selling the horse(but that wouldn't happen but this is for backup!)

    If the name of the horse is crossed out then I already know who the owner is.
    I may honestly need a reminder though too...
    This is to also see if people are active, though it won't change how active I keep your horse :)
    Even if your horse is marked off please confirm that it's correct n.n

    Silver's Smitten With Kitten Jasmine O'Connell
    Paladin des Ifs KN Rosalie Clarke
    Aracaju da Cabana
    d'Arcy AR Remi Scott
    WDKH Arthas Isabel Shipper
    PCS Bay My Hero Erika Fields
    RFE Incanarrov Lidija Rotherford
    Aesculapius NC Selene Boutsikaris
    TJS Ragnarok Cleo Swift
    AWE Xerxes
    Grey's Alabama Girl Erika Fields
    Grey's Heiress Erika Fields
    AWE Lost in Translation
    PS Born Artist Raz Rahart
    Iridescent's Zahir Annie Stokes
    AWE Mylady Winter
    AWE Bachelor Number Two
    AWE From the South

    TJS World of Pirates Cleo Swift
    TJS I'm Sandra Dee Cleo Swift
    TJS Just a Kiss Cleo Swift
    AWE To Neverland
    AWE Delirium
    AWE Andja d'Incoville
    AWE Dragonne
    AWE Spinnaker
    AWE American Moth
    AWE Flightless Bird
    AWE Top of Fuji

    BP Be Smitten Dalton Howell
    AWE Doc's In
    AWE Just Us
    AWE Castle on the Hill

    TJS Up The Revolt
    SVEC Holiday Eve Olivia Yendall
    FWE Galaway Bay Robin Clark
    Monachyle's Tilikum Callixta Rosella
    Monachyle's Asuka Callixta Rosella
    MEM Once Upon a Time
    TJS Born to be Royal Cleo Swift
    TJS Royal Elegance Cleo Swift
    AWE Believer
    HBE Challenger Rika Aven
    HBE This Spells War Rika Aven
    HBE Cyrstalize Rika Aven
    HBE Jay Say Rika Aven
    LGS Cassalina Jade Nguyen
    CF/AWE Zircas Rika Aven
    TJS Sunset in Belize Cleo Swift
    TJS Left Side Trouble Cleo Swift
    TJS Hunter in the Moon Cleo Swift
    TBEC Fierce Hope Fawn Trinity
    Myosotis' Georgiann Robin Clark
    PCRA/ FWEC Maleficent
    MBS Diamantazo

  • Just confirming you have it right for the two Monachyle horses :)
    Also, I think PCRA is Kia William's prefix

  • Breed Committee

    I thought you owned Ocean of Night? Or do you not plan on keeping him, as I don't see him on the list?

  • @Rebecca-Wall said in Do I Own Your Horse?:

    I thought you owned Ocean of Night? Or do you not plan on keeping him, as I don't see him on the list?

    He's on another list. I haven't fully merged my horse lists together.

  • Breed Committee

    @Serenity-Gwin Ah okay - that makes sense. Was just confused!

  • You're all good with Silver's Smitten With Kitten! :)

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