Equus Advent Wishlist

  • I'm newer to the community but here's a small little list of things I would love to see :) if they've already been created, please feel free to reply with a link!

    • More western Reining poses

    • More Western Pleasure poses

    • Some more Overo and Frame Overo markings for our Paints/Pintos

    • A decorative horse trailer that is more like a traditional show trailer (3-4 horse slant with living space looks?)

    That's about all I can add to the mix ^_^

  • Some ideas :D :

    • We have some pretty HD sadles but the girths are still quite 2D in my opinion so maybe some accessories girths?
    • More HD Bridles would always be great to have! (we can never have to much tack XD )
    • Riding clothes are always good to have! I dont have allot of riding shirts but allot of pants so some shirts would be amazing! and even more clothes for male sims and children!
    • Ground work poses
    • Leading your horse poses (with one hand because moste poses are with 2 hands holding the lead rope)
    • Riding your bike next to your horse poses? (like leading them but on a bike)
    • Mucking out stalls poses
    • cleaning tack poses

    That's what i have for now, might come back later with more XD

  • I'd love to see some more poses for gaited horses, we really lack those!

  • I'd love some new sliders to update our horses templates <3

  • I'm going to link I'm Western Tack Pinterest board, in hopes someone could get inspired. Western Tack Pins

    Western as a whole is lacking in creative tack. Barrel racing tack, they always have cute and colorful breastcollars, headstalls, pads and boots. Western pleasure needa some GLAM saddles, the more silver, the better. Glittery stirrups, too!

    Also, more Stable decor with a western ranch theme.

    What about a western pleasure/showmanship FLUFFY full tail? (I know there's a slider that can help with this, but just an idea)

    And more breed specific tack and accessories. Like Arabian western show tails and tack? Australian western tack options.

  • just throwing in my two cents;

    • some love for the all purpose/GP saddle! we're still stuck in the 2d age with some fairly low res saddle pads. a little love for our non-competition minded horses!
    • working hunter style bridle like this because im entirely selfish
    • a variety in manes, especially 'pulled' manes.

  • I'd love some proper saddleseat saddles, like this. Notably, there are't knee rolls, which makes the all-purpose saddles usually not what I'm looking for. Also going to suggest more longer manes, because saddlebreds.

  • I would like to find various poses of stains at stables.

    • clean the aisles
    • clean the box
    • a rider who feeds the horses
    • another rider who is mowing his horse.
    • Stall for care/shower horse objects like this :
      text alternatif

  • I personally would love to see some love for rarer horse breeds, in the form of templates, poses, tack ,barns, competition lots etc. :D
    I also think you can never have to many poses so ;)

  • More Show Hunter tack and poses especially something such as a saddle pad

    alt text

    More western tack
    Sets or just every day weathered ranch gear too

    Poses are always awesome but would love to see some of the smaller discplines get more love for poses, vet poses, more training/saddle breaking, wild bronc horses throwing their rider ect.

    I'm going to jump on the band wagon and also say we need some more updated breastplates for English we have at least a few for western that are more recently updated but English needs some love there too.

  • I noticed yesterday when I was gonna take a picture in sims that I was lacking some everyday poses for a hack out day where the horse is just walking (and not trotting or galloping) and matching rider poses to them, perhaps some riderposes where the riders are interacting with eachothers (like if they’re riding in a group). Preferably posepacks that can suit both a SJ saddle and a dressage saddle :heart:

  • I would love some re-colourable saddle pads for Working Equitation to fit the different SLS Baroque saddles. There are some fancy shaped ones but they are very dark, and are done with stencils so can't be re-coloured.

    Also if anyone is making bridles a Barcoo bridle would be very useful <3

  • PR Committee

    Another idea I'd like to see, Traditional riding gear from around the world.

    • Poses - Child riding poses - general jumping, flatwork and maybe some naughty pony poses - child poses to match, general misbehaving, moody/aggressive horse pose pack, young horse - so like not working correcting - head in the air that sort of thing, every day poses, leading poses - maybe like 1 sims leading two horses.

    • Lots - new lots - show jumping, cross country, all purpose lots.

    • Base coats

    • XC Jumps

    • New riding boots for sims

  • More horse-racing stuff would be great! And maybe some Trackpony stuff as well?

  • I'd love to see some more multi-coloured manes <3 I believe there are only two older ones from lakeside saddlery. These are great of course, but are only loose manes, some multi-coloured braids would be amazing!

  • more pose for the child / pony

  • I would love a new mane style like that please : http://www.hippologie.fr/welsh (grey pony) :)
    And refusal/falls with naughy pony and child poses ^^

  • I second mane/tails ideas!

  • It would be greatly appreciated if we could have an updated cut back saddle, gaited bridle, and mane for our gaited horses, I know there isn't many people at all that would use these things but for the few of us that do it would mean the world. I know it's a long shot but I would sell my soul 💕

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