Equus Advent Wishlist

  • PR Committee

    Another idea I'd like to see, Traditional riding gear from around the world.

    • Poses - Child riding poses - general jumping, flatwork and maybe some naughty pony poses - child poses to match, general misbehaving, moody/aggressive horse pose pack, young horse - so like not working correcting - head in the air that sort of thing, every day poses, leading poses - maybe like 1 sims leading two horses.

    • Lots - new lots - show jumping, cross country, all purpose lots.

    • Base coats

    • XC Jumps

    • New riding boots for sims

  • More horse-racing stuff would be great! And maybe some Trackpony stuff as well?

  • I'd love to see some more multi-coloured manes <3 I believe there are only two older ones from lakeside saddlery. These are great of course, but are only loose manes, some multi-coloured braids would be amazing!

  • more pose for the child / pony

  • I would love a new mane style like that please : http://www.hippologie.fr/welsh (grey pony) :)
    And refusal/falls with naughy pony and child poses ^^

  • I second mane/tails ideas!

  • It would be greatly appreciated if we could have an updated cut back saddle, gaited bridle, and mane for our gaited horses, I know there isn't many people at all that would use these things but for the few of us that do it would mean the world. I know it's a long shot but I would sell my soul 💕

  • A sliding stop dirt object for those non-editors would be amazing!

  • @Delaney-Walker oooh! yes please!

  • @Delaney-Walker Totally! :D

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