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    For those on Slack, we have the #Advent channel where members can make suggestions about what type of gifts they'd like to see in the calendar this year; but after some discussion we decided to make a more official Wishlist thread here, since not everyone is on Slack.


    So if there's anything you'd like to see made - pop it here! But please keep in mind, this is for CC creators to get ideas, not take personal requests. Items suggested and posted here are not guaranteed to be made, but I'm sure our wonderful CC creators will appreciate some help and ideas.


    You can post as many ideas as you like; it may be a handy idea to have a reference picture linked in your post as well to give a clear idea to our creators. I think that's everything - so have fun posting ideas :two_hearts:

  • PR Committee

    So I'll go first :see_no_evil: I'd love to see ponies get some love and get more stall options that they could actually see out of. Some cheeky misbehaving pony poses could be fun; and I'd love to see a unicorn jump wing / standard :unicorn:
    I also think it would be cool if someone made show stuff to clutter up barns, barn offices etc; like show schedules, the white number tags riders wear on their jackets, entry forms for someone to fill in, that type of stuff :shrug:

  • I feel like it's been a while since we've had a misbehaving posepack! I want more naughty and moody horses, or maybe just more poses with "personality". I am also interested in more quirky poses for our young and silly horses! :smile_cat: I just want more options to show the personalities of the horses beyond a perfect gait or jump.

  • Maybe a bridle with interchangeable bit would be very nice. We all know that horses need different bits depending on how they are, so having the same bridle with different bits as accesories would be great. So there would be a base bridle (just one) with no bit and then you would add the bit on the accesories like a saddle pad, so you can have the same bridle with, let's say, a loose ring snaffle, an eggbutt, pelham and so on. I think it would be very nice and also would make it easier for the creator, since you only have to create bits and not mess around with an entire bridle if you want to change the bit of it. And would make our games a litte more realistic because I love Elin's bridle but it only has a loose ring so all my horses are on a loose ring and I bet some of them would prefer something else IRL xD

  • I would love some Arabian at Liberty Poses. I don't necessarily mean like a liberty show but just Arabs running free, showing off that kind of thing. Arabian Tack like halters and Blankets would be lovely.

  • PR Committee

    I'd love to see some poses out there that favor our more heavy horses, like my vanners. or all the recent Drafts that been getting love here lately.

  • Oooooh, maybe some decor for the pasture and wash stall? We are for sure lacking in the water trough department :smile:

  • Western pons need some love too! Updated poses for conformation or movement. New updated tack, we have Kayla's new 4K western tack, but some updated bridles and interchangeable bits are always wanted. Western decor as well! Hats, boots, hanging bridles, new barrels, etc. We have a few of these, but variation is always appreciated :heart:

  • More short sporty manes possibly? There's no such thing as too many pulled manes haha! Or perhaps some more forelock-less manes so we can use ear bonnets :smile: show coats come to mind too, maybe add more variety than just EA's show coats :thinking:

  • Base coats always comes in handy <3 Either for those who feel like they don't get the desired look of the coat that they want or for ppl like me who likes to be lazy from time to time :innocent:

  • Ohh! I'd really like to see some beautiful manes & tails! AND TOBIANO MARKINGS!! <3

  • Competition Committee

    I always feel we don't have nice outdoor water troughs like this or this. More HD bridle options would also be great.

  • I would love to see more western poses. Like barrel racing, every day, reining, cutting, trail rides, training, breaking in. Also some poses for draft horses? I would also love to see more low jumping poses or beginner poses

  • Lately I've been thinking that some more stable blankets would be really nice, especially ones that could fit some chunkier horses :heart: New poses for everyday happenings would be great too!

  • Us western simmers need a bunch of stuff in general! Just basic western poses, tack & decor please!

  • definitely some more HD bridle options, and maybe also more HD accessories like jump boots and breastplates!! and definitely more stable clutter, more riding clothes options for male sims, blingy browbands (!!), more decor trophies, HD jump saddles with stud girths, more show jackets, leg markings, long ear bonnets, custom stall guards, ribbons for the horses tail, more jump standards, plants specifically for jump decor, and maybe saddle pads with a country flag on them? like here:

    alt text

    sorry for the long list oops

  • I'm newer to the community but here's a small little list of things I would love to see :) if they've already been created, please feel free to reply with a link!

    • More western Reining poses

    • More Western Pleasure poses

    • Some more Overo and Frame Overo markings for our Paints/Pintos

    • A decorative horse trailer that is more like a traditional show trailer (3-4 horse slant with living space looks?)

    That's about all I can add to the mix ^_^

  • Some ideas :D :

    • We have some pretty HD sadles but the girths are still quite 2D in my opinion so maybe some accessories girths?
    • More HD Bridles would always be great to have! (we can never have to much tack XD )
    • Riding clothes are always good to have! I dont have allot of riding shirts but allot of pants so some shirts would be amazing! and even more clothes for male sims and children!
    • Ground work poses
    • Leading your horse poses (with one hand because moste poses are with 2 hands holding the lead rope)
    • Riding your bike next to your horse poses? (like leading them but on a bike)
    • Mucking out stalls poses
    • cleaning tack poses

    That's what i have for now, might come back later with more XD

  • I'd love to see some more poses for gaited horses, we really lack those!

  • I'd love some new sliders to update our horses templates <3

  • I'm going to link I'm Western Tack Pinterest board, in hopes someone could get inspired. Western Tack Pins

    Western as a whole is lacking in creative tack. Barrel racing tack, they always have cute and colorful breastcollars, headstalls, pads and boots. Western pleasure needa some GLAM saddles, the more silver, the better. Glittery stirrups, too!

    Also, more Stable decor with a western ranch theme.

    What about a western pleasure/showmanship FLUFFY full tail? (I know there's a slider that can help with this, but just an idea)

    And more breed specific tack and accessories. Like Arabian western show tails and tack? Australian western tack options.

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