The unexpected hiatus

  • Facebook followers know what has been going on the past few days with my real life.

    Sadly our doggo Chloe isn't doing so hot. She went to the vet Friday and was x-rayed. She has air inside her chest cavity, her heart isn't resting on her sternum like it should be. She went back for a follow up today and the vet thinks that there is another pocket of air inside her chest cavity.

    We are currently on a tight budget, and are doing out best to avoid surgery because we have questions that are left unsolved. We want the air out of her chest, however we aren't sure if it'll come back or not.

    So basically I've been bouncing between babysitting her and spending so much time with her incase health dramatically drops she has to be euthanized.

    I've been doing what I can for Sims 3, but it's hard to focus on that right now.

  • Forget the sims right now. The important thing is your dog. The game, cyber horses, Equus ... will be here when everything stabilizes.

    I send you my best wishes so that everything goes well. <3

  • All fingers, paws and pixel hooves are crossed that your girl is doing better soon and has a full recovery! :two_hearts: :feet:

  • Don't worry about Sims, your dog is the most important thing right now, we aren't going anywhere :heart_decoration:

  • Thanks everyone. She's perked up a lot today she even barked at my mom and sister when they got back from their bike ride. We still have to be careful with her though too and she's also lost weight with all of this.

  • Spend as much time as you can with her, even if she gets better. <3 She's what's important right now. I hope she has a speedy recovery, and everything works out!

  • Vet confirmed no heartworm(that was one of the fears) but she does have tick borne illnesses. I'm getting ready to grab her antibiotics now from the vet. I'm glad that as the days go by she is returning to her old self. The air in her system is slowly being released too I think since she felt well enough to run around yesterday.

  • Chloe has lyme disease. The air seems to be out of her system now definitely breathing easier it seems.

    Should be back to simming(if my laptop will ever stop freezing) later this week.

  • Chloe is back to her old self, the air has officially dissipated from her chest cavity. Now just help me get her to eat her kibble again would be great face desk

  • Banned

    @Cecilia-Cherny I'm so glad! :D

  • I'm so happy for her and you !

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