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  • Hello, I'm pretty new on the forum and I have a few questions I'm trying to sort out so I can begin showing my horses and such.

    • Are shows all randomized or do you still need to edit photos ect to be entered?

    • If the show host does not mention show entry fees, how do you know how much you owe/if you have enough money to cover the fees?

    • When submitting a show entry and it asks for a horse's ID number, is it asking for the main site ID number or the forum registry number?

    • I've hit ctrl + F on the Reining leaderboard (as that is the primary discipline for all of my current horses) and I cannot find my horse's name. How do I know what class/level to enter?

    • If I am looking at the automated registry responses and see that all of my horses are approved, does that mean they are 100% approved and I can show with them or is there another form I should be looking at?

    I'm sorry if that seems like a lot of questions, I just want to make sure I do everything correctly ^_^

  • Competition Committee

    @Elizabeth-Fontaine Hi Elizabeth, and welcome!

    To answer your questions:

    1. Our shows are randomised, yes. The only shows that have picture entries are hosted challenges and the combined shows for the month - where you can (if you wish) post a roleplay entry photo of your horse and rider at any part of the show you want to do a picture for. More info on these can be found in the Roleplay Entry Guidelines of the relevant shows. The disciplines that have a RP entry phase change each month, so be sure to keep your eyes open!

    2. We (the Competition Committee) decided only recently to scrap entry fees for shows in order to reduce time and strain on the hosts. I believe there is an announcement about this somewhere in the Announcements section here

    3. Yes, it is the horse’s main site ID number you need to put in :)

    4. The best way to find your horses on the leaderboard is to find your horse’s ID number on the main site and then scroll through the Show History tab in the leaderboard until you find their number - they are listed in numerical order for that discipline so that should help with your final question too - this is what I personally do to make sure they’ve been added to the discipline as sometimes the sheets can have a bad day.

    Hope this helped, and feel free to ask any more questions - we’d love to help you out!

  • @Chloe-Dunbar Thank you so, so very much! All of this helped tremendously and I'm hoping to now enter a few horses in some shows before they close. ^_^

  • If a horse isn't showing up on the leaderboard, who should I notify? It seems that none of mine have been added yet, unless I have to wait until the Automated registry responses are cleared out?

  • PR Committee

    I think that if your horse hasn't entered a show yet, it won't be on the leaderboard but you should find it in the Show History tab on the same leaderboard sheet. If it's a recently registered horse then just scroll down to the most recent horses added and it will tell you the level your horse is at :)

  • Administrators

    We don't actually offer any kind of picture shows at this time in the competition committee, those were removed a few months ago. Members can however host challenges as suggested, but it won't award points. In the future there will be affiliated challenges and another type of show. But it's not gonna happen this year, so announcements will be made when we are ready to kick-start those :slight_smile:

    I'm currently assistant show manager, so if you have any questions, feel free to message me :heart:

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