Jase's Album II Eventing Foal

  • Hi,
    some of you might know me from the old forum. I now finally made it to get onto this one.

    Here now should be a cool introduction, but I hadn't had the time or motivation to write one.

  • I just wanted to edit something and the Quarterly challenge was perfect for it. Also I need to introduce you to Hoofbeat's Daniels' Karate Kid(by MSE Old Number Seven and out of MHS/Hoofbeat's Shadowfighter), my newest Show Hunter prospect.

  • Breed Committee

    Looking good! I look forward to seeing how this horse does with lines like that :smile:

  • Thank you Rebecca.

    I also recently got another colt. This time it is a Show Jumping prospect Jasmine O'Conell breed for us. His name is Silver's Xanthos. He is out of my Mare RFE Scintilla and by Donnerax HAS/WEC.

    alt text

  • Here is one of ouer American Indian Horses during a training. LHR Flycatcher just got his second Title in Eventing.
    LHR Flycatcher

  • Some of my older horses finally got theier well deserved face lifts.

    First there is WS Black Showgirl. A lovely black tobiano APH mare, which was breed by Cloe Malone. Bambi, as we call her is already around here for quiete a few years(she was boen in February 2013) and collected some points. She now has 40 points in Reining and 13 points in Western Trail. She even already has three foals and on the ground and couldn't look any better(after the update I gave her, since Cloe seemed to left Equus..
    alt text
    alt text

    The second new old face is a Thoughbred breed by @Mercedes-Hampton . ^She normally should start a racing career, but she injured herself and we are a little afraid that it wouldn't be the best idea, so she will now start a career as Eventer. Let me introducw you to WinStone's Lady Avenya. Even through she is already sevenand a half years old, the staff has all hands full with her. She didn't even comes herself down from the pasture, because playing tag is much more fun.
    alt text
    alt text

  • Not sure if somebody will remember this guy. His name is NFE/HCS Dunamis. He is already 21 years old. I just gave him his well deserved update and he finally greyed out completly. Currently he is sitting at 144 Eventing and 106 Show Jumping points. He is the first ever warmblood and Irish Sport Horse I had on ES so I am really attatched to him. I can't wait to see him hitting the 200 points somewhere in the future and producing some lovley foals.
    alt text

  • Xanthos looks dashing! Nice to see Sun's color still getting passed on!

  • I finally also got Luke's new mod in game. And here is the victim on which I tested it. It is ouer new Cutting prospect, which I have breed. His name is LHR Blue Shinning Wolf, out of my mare GR's Shinin Blue Las and by Cole's RWH Black Wolf Crying. The outcome is a cute little blue roan colt.

    LHR Blue Shinning Wolf

  • I found the time making some entries for the CC Eventing show.

    NFE/HCS Dunamis & Jessica Blum
    Jessica and Dunamis are already competenting together since the stallion was a young stubborn youngster with a lot of flaws in his head. They now how the other one ticks and trust on each other. So she already knows that it wasen't theier day when she saddeld the grey ISH. He wasn't realexed as usually and it wasen't any suprise fot her that they did a bad job and even become last in theier class.
    alt text

    Eretria's Joices & Anna Torv
    alt text

    RDEC Lynnvile & Boyce Paolini
    The mare and her new rider did an amazing job. It was still earlly in the morning when they started their round on the course. We never have seen her that fast concentrated on an XC-course. Seems like the training in the last weeks was good, they even made the first place in theier subclass.
    alt text

  • First of all my Arabian Mare, which I already have for some time. She just gained her Regional Eventing title. Here is SER Hadiyat Al Oyoun.
    alt text

    And here ouer new SEA, which @Zahid-Sadir breed for us, since I was the lucky one to win his raffel. She will start her career in Endurance. Here is Sahra Sarai.
    alt text
    alt text

    And here a pic of them both together playing in one of ouer pastures.
    alt text

  • Great album Jase! I love the way it all looks like your horses are alive and telling their stories, you are great at posing them!

  • Very cute! I love your new arabians! Don't look at me if they go missing :p

  • @Kira-Simpson said in Jase's Album II Beans!:

    Great album Jase! I love the way it all looks like your horses are alive and telling their stories, you are great at posing them!

    Thank you. I am trying not to post the same type of picture the whole time like in my old scrapbook.

    @Charlie-Smith said in Jase's Album II Beans!:

    Very cute! I love your new arabians! Don't look at me if they go missing :p

    Thanks, * Looking that all barn doorsare closed *

    And I receltly have a sale which you can find here. The cute little homebreed foals are seaching for new homes.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • I've got my eye on Hoofbeat's Black Sheep! So much potential in such a cute lil' mare. :heart_eyes:

  • Reel :heart_decoration:

  • So pretty ! :heart_eyes:

  • @Britton-Peirce said in Jase's Album II SALE!:

    I've got my eye on Hoofbeat's Black Sheep! So much potential in such a cute lil' mare. :heart_eyes:

    Thank you. I hope she will also show this potentail with his new owner.

    @Lidija-Rotherford said in Jase's Album II SALE!:

    Reel :heart_decoration:

    She is amazing or?

    @Stacy-Michaelson said in Jase's Album II SALE!:

    So pretty ! :heart_eyes:

    Here are even two more foals.
    The first one is a little grey ISH breed for Show Hunters. She is by my stallion RFE Il Re Leone, which I bought ages ago from @Lidija-Rotherford , and out of my mare NFE/HCS Callista. She is now owned by Vivien Stone. Her name is Hoofbeat's Pretty Lioness
    alt text

    The second one is a foal, which now is owned by @Charlie-Smith . But we not just sold Hoofbeat's Mr. Moustache, we exchanged him for an Endurance Arabian. His name he got because of the shape of his snip. He is out of my Arabian SER Hadiyat Al Oyoun and by my ISH stallion NFE/HCS Dunamis.
    alt text

    And here is the bean, which we got in return. His name is SBS Bullet Proof. He will join ouer Endurance team.
    alt text

  • oh hello, sexy arabian :smirk: steals

  • My oh my, Bullet is looking handsome! So glad he has settled in well with you! :heart:

    And I absolutely adore Mr Moustache! He'll fit right in! :heart_eyes:

  • Yes, Reel is awesome :P

    Leone's foal looks good too! Love the color!

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