Jase's Album II Eventing Foal

  • So pretty ! :heart_eyes:

  • @Britton-Peirce said in Jase's Album II SALE!:

    I've got my eye on Hoofbeat's Black Sheep! So much potential in such a cute lil' mare. :heart_eyes:

    Thank you. I hope she will also show this potentail with his new owner.

    @Lidija-Rotherford said in Jase's Album II SALE!:

    Reel :heart_decoration:

    She is amazing or?

    @Stacy-Michaelson said in Jase's Album II SALE!:

    So pretty ! :heart_eyes:

    Here are even two more foals.

    alt text
    The first one is a little grey ISH breed for Show Hunters. She is by my stallion RFE Il Re Leone, which I bought ages ago from @Lidija-Rotherford , and out of my mare NFE/HCS Callista. She is now owned by Vivien Stone. Her name is Hoofbeat's Pretty Lioness
    alt text

    alt text
    The second one is a foal, which now is owned by @Charlie-Smith . But we not just sold Hoofbeat's Mr. Moustache, we exchanged him for an Endurance Arabian. His name he got because of the shape of his snip. He is out of my Arabian SER Hadiyat Al Oyoun and by my ISH stallion NFE/HCS Dunamis.
    alt text

    alt text
    And here is the bean, which we got in return. His name is SBS Bullet Proof. He will join ouer Endurance team.
    alt text

  • oh hello, sexy arabian :smirk: steals

  • My oh my, Bullet is looking handsome! So glad he has settled in well with you! :heart:

    And I absolutely adore Mr Moustache! He'll fit right in! :heart_eyes:

  • Yes, Reel is awesome :P

    Leone's foal looks good too! Love the color!

  • So I already wanted to change the stable name of my Eglish stable for a long time, since I wanted to have a name and logo, which shows what we do.

    alt text
    So here it is(all horses under my old perfix will need to get changed to my new one, defently not looking forward to sent in all the name change requests once my perfix change gone through.)
    alt text

  • PR Committee

    You did a great job on the logo, it looks great :)

  • Echoing what Callixta said, super cool logo. I can relate to the change form challenge :laughing:

  • Thank you to.

    I am finally active again. I am currently trying put some new editig styles.

    alt text
    So here is a old pic from Dunamis, nur this time edited.

    alt text

  • Here is another edit of a photo, which I already got ages ago. I just wasen't Abel to edit it in a was I like it. I am now finally happy with it.
    So here are RWH She Dun It and RWH Instructions Not Included. Booth breed by @Cole-Tieman
    alt text

  • Lovely Horses and beautiful editing, please mooore <3

  • @Nicole-Löffler said in Jase's Album II Sale:

    Lovely Horses and beautiful editing, please mooore <3

    Thank you :heart:

    alt text
    alt text
    This guy is up for sale click

  • alt text
    Here is finally a filly, which I already have for some time. @Lidija-Rotherford breed her for us. We are really happy to give ouer thrid RFE horse a warm welcome. She is out of my mare RDEC Lynnvile and by Lidija's Rohirrim's Moonless Night.
    RFE Schwarzmond will join ouer Eventing team.
    alt text

  • Now would you just. Look. At. Her. :heart_decoration:

  • alt text
    I am fighting with my game at the moment. Normally this update should include two foals, which I am Breeding wat the moment and three new horses which I want to introduce, but my game don‘t want to work. So here is an old pic(but new edited) of my beloved Hoofbeat‘s Irish Fire, my founding ISH stallion. I love him even through he is really unlucky. His daughter is even more successful as him in Eventing.

  • Your Mane and Tail editing just gets better and better :heart_decoration: And Lovely Horse !!!

  • @Nicole-Löffler said in Jase's Album II Sale preview:

    Your Mane and Tail editing just gets better and better :heart_decoration: And Lovely Horse !!!

    Thank you. :heart:

    alt text
    Here are two pics of the little filly, which I will put up for auction soon and of course I took the chance to practice my editing.

  • oohhh she cute very beautiful really Amazing

  • @Nina-Ricchi said in Jase's Album II Sale preview:

    oohhh she cute very beautiful really Amazing

    Thank you, I hope she will find a good home.
    Here you can find the auction.

  • alt text
    alt text
    It was early in the morning, All horses already got their food and it was time to bring them to the pastures. Iowa’s just about to get my favorite mare(if someone will ask me I will deny it, sine I love all of my horses.) May(Mosaic of Nature Y) to let her outside, But instead to find the mare I found a note:
    „May is with me in the arena. You know I ever wanted to ride her and since she has some time left to her next competition, it is the best time now. Come over if you are curious.
    Jessica is a rider in ouer sister stable Celtic Stud. I have hired her, when I bought ouer first to English horses years ago. We both were at college together and I knew she was a great English rider and I am quiet bad at it. I only ride a few low level Eventing shows. And now I can say it was a great decision. The two green youngsters, which I both become real champions with her help.
    I was a little angry, since she didn‘t asked me and just took one of my horses, but also I was really confused. Jessica only sat once in a western saddle and she felt so uncomfortable, but I also knew that she always wanted to try the mare. I and her have raised her together and she helped me a lot with the ground work. I got into my truck and drove my way to the arena. Well I entered it and couldn#t stop laughing seeing the mare in that purple and black Show Jumping attire. It just looked so odd and May seemed as confused as I was.
    Jessica smiled at me: „She looks great, didn‘t she?“
    „What do you have in mind?“
    „I really would like her seeing go over a few fences. I am sure it would be a great exercise.“ With that words she got in the saddle. In the arena were three low jumps. She started to warm the mare up and then approaching the first jump. But I already could guess and I could not stifle a suppressed grin, since I already could guess what will happen. May decided to stop directly in front of the fence and Jessica found herself on the other side to the fence. I asked, if she was alright. After her answer I couldn‘t hold back my laughing anymore. I got to the pair and gave Jessica my hand to help her up. „Not funny“, she looked at me and dusted herself down from her trousers. I started petting the mare's neck.
    „In return I want to see Jay on a trail course“, I said. „Alright, I bet that will be funny“. We loaded both mares in a trailer so that I get my chance directly.

    alt text

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