Jase's Album II Eventing Foal

  • Thank you both. Through she won‘t get her retirement now. I just love her to much.
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    It was already early when it would be our turn this time. Normally Callista and Jess act like real professionals, but this time it was different. Jessica knew that when they did good enough it probably will be their last Show Hunter show after ten years of competenting together. The mare and she already started when she was still quiet green with only a few shows. She already knew that they both were in great shape. They used the break oder the winter for some training and Callista did even better than before. She got in the saddle and peted the neck of the grey mare. With a sigh she whispered: „Comon big girl, we will be great as always.“ Through it seemed that also the mare could feel that this time it was kinda different. There wasn't only the excitement the mare can feel also she noticed that Jessica was kinda sad. Everyone gave the mare a big hug before they walked towards the arena. It seemed that the mare got a little nervous and confused since she wasn't used to it.
    They headed towards the arena with all staff following them. Jase, Callista‘s owner and the owner of Celtic Stud, said that when the two do good they should be their last competition so that the mare could enjoy her retirement. They heard their names through the speakers and as a switch was turned on all feelings gone and the two only concentrated on their task and themselves as a team.
    They cleared their round without any faults and even got second in their subclass. Seeing the two knowing each other Jase decided that Jessica should probably make the decision, when it is Callista‘s time to stop. Coming back with a nice red ribbon on her bridle Jessica started to unsaddle the horse Jase told her. Jessica was so happy jumping around like crazy and hugging the mare which got so nervous that she chewed a hole in her jacket. „Well first you need to buy me a new jacket for ouer next show.“, while looking at the hole which appeared on her shoulder.
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  • I entered the Foal Flashback Challenge. We remembered Molly as a little foal.

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    Mosaic of Nature always have been a special foal in ouer barn. Not only because she was out of the mare with which it all began back in 2014, she was the first of her foals which stayed with us. But that is still not all, she was the first stock horse to be born on ouer ranch after the big reopening, but that still isn't all. Maybe you should take a look yourselfes:
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    She is a chimera. When I first saw that little filly, I was shocked but more in a positive way, I had never in my life sawn a chimera horse before and we never expected that at ouer barns such a special horse could be born and than with two such impressive parts. Tests showed that she is half Grullo and half Gold Champagne Splash.

    Flower Y was a really great mother, we didn't expected her to be other. She always watched over her little wonder and the filly never was far away from her.
    She teached her all the horsie things a foal needs to learn, but also a really annoying habit...

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    The two chew on everything they can find. Here you can see that one of ouer staffs didn't put enough attention to them during feed time and the two decieded it would be a great idea to chew on some buckets.
    And there are serveral pics like that. The two chewing on a bridle. The two chewing on my hair. The two chewing on a lead rope. Nothing is save from the two.

    They even chewed on a western saddle some new staff member hung on theier stall door. Jules needed a new saddle afterwards.

    The two now competent together. Flower Y just got her third Reining title and the now not that small Mosaic of Nature Y is close to her second Reining title.

  • What a cutie, and a little trouble maker from the looks! :smile:

  • She looks so cute and special with her coat <3

  • awww such a cutie!

  • Thank you all gals. Sorry that I am so bad at answering comments.

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    I have a go as it seems, so here is another entry for the Cover Art challenge.
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    Showing myself and a pon I recently reclaimed: Hoofbeat’s Prettiest Lioness

  • Gorgeous entry! I hope you win!

  • That photo is so beautiful Jase :heartbeat:

  • Thank you two :heart:
    Would be really great when I would win, through I don't think so :sweat_smile:

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    Well at least I am working on something for already some time now, so it might be time to show it here too. I have started to build facilities (again). This will be the future barn for Celtic Stud and my in the future to come Gaited/Beans stable.

  • Cant go wrong with room for more beans ;)
    I love the colour scheme :heart_decoration:

  • Thanks hun.

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    I am slowly working my through the new facilities till noe 5 of 16 lots are naerlly finish. So here are some more WIPs.
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    alt text
    alt text
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  • They are looking stunning Jase, I am going to pack my bags and move in lol :blue_car: <3

  • @Nicole-Löffler said in Jase's Album II Western Entry:

    They are looking stunning Jase, I am going to pack my bags and move in lol :blue_car: <3

    Thank you. Makes me so happy to read it. Specially after you build that amazing bavarian barn. (which I think my game sadly won't be able to handle)

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    Here is a pic of me and Flower Y entering the western challenge.
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  • Skillfully hiding my inconsistent poses with dust :laughing:

  • That western entry is awesome! :cowboy:

  • @Maxine-Spencer said in Jase's Album II Western Entry:

    Skillfully hiding my inconsistent poses with dust :laughing:

    Thanks, through it is none of your poses which I am hidding.

    @Charlie-Smith said in Jase's Album II Western Entry:

    That western entry is awesome! :cowboy:

    Thanks, hun. Great you like it.

  • alt text
    I am working on the facilities at the moment, so don‘t expect many pics here. But I am also slowly getting my bean stable established. So it finally got another name, so that it can get it own prefix in the future.(Once I have enough money)
    alt text
    And I am hell proud of it.

  • Wow that is amazing!

  • You drew that?!

  • The logo is amazing! So elegant and classy!

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