Jase's Album II Eventing Foal

  • Thank you, Maxine.

    Normally I don‘t show the logos I made for others here, but I recently made one for @Lindsey-Warren and I a pretty proud of it so I decieded to make an expectin to that rule.
    alt text

  • Hallo everyone,
    I am quiet inactive at the moment, through I am getting back in the swing of things.

    First of all, all my warmbloods now carry the suffix C, so every horse which either carries Hoofbeat‘s or Celtic‘s needs to be changed.

    Also I lost my nearlly finished facilities. I don‘t want to build that big ones again. So I am downsizing. All my English stocks are already sold and a few warmbloods are already on their way the their breeders. A lot more wil be sold. I will post the thread someday, as I am still working on who will be sold, but at the end it should be around 40ish horses, So if you are interested in getting horses back or buy one of mines just dm me.(All gaited pons and beans will be kept.)

    I can‘t wait for this all to be over and I finally can get active again.

  • Hello all,
    I am still alive. So here is the first batch of new profile pics. First I will do all my stocks and than figure out what to do with my beans and warmbloods, since I am not sure if they will get the same.

    Flower Y

    American Indian Horse - Mare - Amber Champagne - Breeder: @myself
    alt text

    Flycatcher Y

    American Indian Horse - Stallion - Bay Spotted Blanket - Breeder: @myself
    alt text

    WP Ashes Like Snow

    American Indian Horse - Stallion - Grey Splash - Breeder: @Erin-Cooke
    alt text

    EIS Bottlecap N Two Socks

    Appaloosa - Stallion - Black Snowcap - Breeder: @Erica-Davis
    alt text

    Mosaic of Nature Y

    American Indian Horse - Mare - Gold Champgne Splash Chimera - Breeder: @myself
    alt text

    RK Zodiac Princess

    American Indian Horse - Mare - Palomino Sabino - Breeder: @Marc-Sanders
    alt text

    Blue Shinning Wolf Y

    American Indian Horse - Stallion - Blue Roan - Breeder: @myself
    alt text

    RWH Dimond Gets The Ladies

    American Indian Horse - Stallion - Red Dun - Breeder: @Cole-Tieman
    alt text

  • I love your stocks! It's so nice to see AIHs around. :smiley:

  • I finally have finished my entry for Nikki‘s challange.
    Let me introduce you to Edelweiß Z.

    alt text

    alt text

  • THE CHONK! Sheee looks sooo cute! I can't!

  • Love the introductory picture with the different fonts and the mountains it the back, it looks so neat and formal!

  • Thank you both. I am quiet happy how the entry turned out.

    Also I again took some profile pics for some more of my stocks.

    Florida Y

    American Indian Horse - Stallion - Palomino - Breeder: @myself
    alt text

    Oklahoma Y

    American Indian Horse - Mare - Bay Spotted Blanket - Breeder: @myself
    alt text

    Beyond the Dark Side

    American Indian Horse - Stallion - Silver Amber Champagne Toniano - Breeder: @myself
    alt text

    WS Jetblack Princess

    American Quarter Horse - Mare - Black - Breeder: @Cloe Malone
    alt text

    WS Black Showgirl

    American Paint Horse - Mare - Black Tobiano - @Cloe Malone
    alt text

  • The first of ouer AIHs got the last title in her discipline. Oklahoma Y is now International Champion in Eventing. We used the Chance to offer her for a public breeding. @Lindsey-Warren snapped the breeding and now can name the colt Indiana Y her own. He is by ouer stallion Florida Y.
    alt text

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