【Knotted Pine Canyon】Oct 9th

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    KPC was a new start, free from her prior life, free from the confines of family and the public eye. The 200 acre property was mostly made up of trees and hills, and one long, winding road. It had been intended for cattle, back when it was built, a massive ranch to allow cattle to free-graze back in the 1800's. It had been transformed into a small Arabian facility at some point since, and then abandoned to time. That was perfect.

    Roxianne didn't want to be well-known any longer, and such a large fixer-upper was perfectly suited to her needs. The property required months of work to get the house in living order, and a few weeks more to get the small stallion barn in any shape to contain an animal. The rest would need to come with time.

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    (I didn't like my other blog anymore, so here's the new one! Horses and staff will be introduced soon.)

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